Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five!

{fruity cheerios – my dinner more often than I would like to admit… yes, I love baby spoons}

This week has been all about de-cluttering. De-cluttering my to-do list (work as well as personal), my closet (again) and my head (all the sudden a bug came on hard this week… as in I’m writing this post from my bed in the middle of a work day… I can only hope that EmergenC, Dayquil and plenty of rest will do the trick). I love de-cluttering. No matter what the case, this act always makes me feel rejuvenated and accomplished. The New Year means new starts, a mind set I’ve always believed in. De-cluttering puts me in this mindset.

This weekend I’m looking forward to continuing various de-cluttering acts (ie contacts on my phone; there are so many unnecessary numbers and duplications, it’s driving me crazy). Along with this, I can’t wait to spend a relaxing girls night with my gymnast ladies, hopefully booking our wedding venue (crossing my fingers!), and attending (or being dragged?) to a bridal show. I never thought I would be the wedding expo kind of girl, but apparently there are cake samples and the chance to win a free honeymoon, so obviously I’m in.

P.S. I’m going to be incorporating another weekly feature into my Friday Five posts: “Friday Forte”, aka my song of the week. This will not only keep my sis in the loop with songs that are inspiring me, but it will force me to spend some time researching music on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I most definitely do not see this as a chore, but sometimes it gets pushed off to the side if I’m busy with other things. Since music keeps me grounded, I want to make sure I’m carving out the time for this. Forte was used to describe this because I believe music to be a gift…

With that being said, my first Friday Forte is….  When WeWere Young – Sucre
This is a new band I found by reading A Beautiful Mess. It’s calming, pretty music to listen to while knee deep in analyzing financials.

Without further ado here are five things that made me happy this week!

{Christmas present for the State Room – we may finally get around to hanging it this weekend}

{relaxing in new MSU sweaties while reading about home decorating – both were half off!}

{unexpected engagement cards -  I didn’t know these were for anything other than engagement parties… apparently I need to become more domestic?}

{arts & crafts + magazines on a rainy afternoon}

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