Saturday, April 30, 2016

Instagram Life – April 2016

April. You were pretty kick ass. I got to see my sister, spent time in my favorite city, enjoy a few low key weekends with Max, have a picnic on the lakeshore and check two states off my United States bucket list. I’m nearly at the 50% mark!! Let’s keep this going J

** Saturday mornings spent cooking brekkie with my Bae
** Baby Cohen is my new favorite person
** Chicago weekend with Sister! One of my favorite Chicago trips E.V.E.R!
** I WILL go back to the Freehand one day… it exceeded all expectations
** Lots of snuggling with my Rosie Lu
** In the Mitten State you don’t take 80 degrees for granted… especially in April... Holland date with boy
** Met Jared Haibon!
** Providence, Rhode Island
** Fenway Park baby! Wanderlust hitting hard as of late!!

May 2016. I foresee beautiful things from you. Beautiful weddings, beautiful weather (for Riverbank Run PLEASE!), beautiful travels (NOLA FOR SISTER BIRTHDAY WEEKEND YAY!) and an awesomely beautiful 30th birthday. I’ve been oddly looking forward to turning 30. I may not have accomplished everything that I wanted to before this pivotal age, but hey… 30 is the new 20, right? I can’t wait to see what this new decade brings my way! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friday Five! New England Edition

This week I successfully knocked off 2 more states from my travel bucket list. While my business trip was specifically for Providence, Rhode Island, I was able to get away to Boston for a night to explore some Fenway and some

I feel it’s going to be a long Friday of playing catch up but I would not take back a thing from this past week! New England is beautiful!! I wish so hard that I was staying the weekend to continue my explorations… I guess I’ll just have to make a point of planning a personal trip out to this amazing and historic part of the country. God Bless America (and god bless my lack of plans this weekend)! 

Friday Forte:

{Fenway Park… Check!!}

{Providence, you quaint little town you}

{that time I met Jared Haibon}

{DELISH food at Cassarino’s}

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Playlist Time - Sweat it Out

{image via}

Kayla Itsines… the woman has changed my life. Besides being required to complete specific exercises per day when I was an athlete, her BBG, Beach Body guides, are the only thing that have kept me motivated, inspired and NOT BORED when working out. I’ve been doing her guides for over a year now and see more results in this one year than the four years that I had spent getting back into my fitness prior to. Maybe part of it is growing up, but, for the most part, I owe my new lifestyle to Kayla.

So there ya have it, a little shout out to Kayla and a playlist for your hump day pleasure J

Saturday, April 23, 2016

80’s in April! - Picture Diary

A couple of weeks ago, Michigan experienced some pretty awesome weather. Two eighty degree days in a row and we in the midwest were in heaven. Max and I decided to head to the Holland lakeshore to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine. We quick stopped into a co-workers brewery then it was off the beach. The beach which was colder than we expected but still a beautiful sight to see.... and a perfect start to the Spring & Summer months. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five!


Good week. Great week! Perfect balance of work and play :)

This weekend I look forward to summer-izing my hair color, reading, relaxing in this nice weather and preparing for Providence (and Boston!!) come Monday.  

Friday Forte:

{gearing up for Summer with my favorite new flats... ED by Ellen DeGeneres line}

{it’s the little things that really make me LOVE my home office (therefore love Wednesday’s even more…)}

{very into the Sole Society tan color bags…this is going to be PERFECT for upcoming travels }

{pretty details in a friends kitchen}

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lately with Rosie Lu

Rosie Lu is over 4 months old and almost 5 lbs. My baby girl has gotten so big! She’s more than doubled in size since we picked her up from the breeder and she’s an absolute nut around this house. There is not one place she doesn’t explore and she loves running from floor to floor, bounding multiple stairs at a time. She loves sleeping in bed with us and napping in between my legs. She loves Amazon boxes and Wednesday’s home with Mom. She loves standing right in front of the TV (on the TV stand) and watching sports. She loves tiny stuffed mice and playing hide and seek. She loves being in the bathroom with me in the mornings but hates baths. She loves the purple blanket and using her litter box right as I’m cleaning it. She does not beg for food and has had no accidents. She’s been to the vet twice and both times passed with flying colors. She’s my angel and I already can’t imagine life without her.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Around Bellewood - Office Revamp

A while back I painted the office or “my closet” and decided to do an entire blog post on how it came along. At that time I never thought it to be complete, simply “moving in the right direction”.

The past two weekends I have been tirelessly de-cluttering and organizing the house, per the KonMari method. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago this is something that has already caused a change in my life… a change for the better! Clearer mind. Clearer heart… All from a clearer HOME! I’m not done yet (still have to get Max 100% on board with his things), but we’re getting there. I feel a shift in the house that is like a breath of fresh air. Long story short, this inspired me to revamp my “office”. New desk, new lamp, and more of a streamlined d├ęcor. Who knows…? I might actually work in here on Wednesday’s as opposed to the couch… ha we’ll see!

See how it’s changed since the reveal last year.

I’ve also included some photos of what I see my future walk-in-closet/office once we move into home where I’m able to have a walk in closet… for now I’ll enjoy the space I have and decorate accordingly…(I won’t have this room forever…

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