Monday, September 30, 2013

Instagram Life – September Edition

SEPTEMBER! There is not one bad thing I can say about September 2013. Kicking off the month with an extremely relaxing movie marathon and mimosa day, then celebrating bachelorette’s two weekends in a row, and finally rounding out the month with a day filled with Grand Rapids ArtPrize. This week is the big week! Wedding week! October holds even more and I can’t wait to see what kind of recap I have for it!

1. My dream of making over my closet with all velvet hangers might come true thanks to Home Goods!

2. A Saturday completely spent with awesome ladies, Twilight marathon and mimosas was just what the doctor ordered

3. Invitations invitations invitations (there are even a few still missing!)

4. Thanks to our Realtor, Max and I will enjoy an evening at Carrabas ON HIM… I think we should refer someone once a year J

5. #PSL in hand and ready to take on 3-day long bachelorette shenanigans

6. The bride at stop number 2 on our first day

7. Don’t mess with my stache!

8. Bachelorette Love

9. #ArtPrize 

Monday Motivators!

The time is finally here! Planning for my trip up to Michigan for Meggie & Max's wedding is motivating every second of my week!

Luckily, I've got other great things to keep me distracted so the waiting doesn't seem so tortuous...

It's always a joy to watch my babies play.
 Soaking up the QT with them before I'm away for 5 days.

Tried out some new wines at an amazing local hot spot
 (Oh, yea. I also got this great tank top that will be in my 
suitcase on Wednesday)

Thanks to a keratin treatment, I can enjoy the remaining sticky weeks of summer frizz-free! 

Got the shoes! I have this week to learn to walk in them! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rhythm & Blues 5K--Take 2

These long hot summer months did a number on my running schedule. There were certain days I thought my peak running time was over.

This was the second Tipitina's Rhythm & Blues 5K road race--both for the city and for me. Like last year, this was my first race of the season and I am officially re-committed!
[Bag of goodies and finisher's medal]

I love racing for the motivation to always be improving my running form, speed and balanced strength & health.

[Traditional pre-race snack. This was washed down with a 
cup of strong coffee & a bottle of water]

I'm so motivated that I've decided to run another half marathon, which will take place in February. This event will be on a much bigger scale than the first one I did, which was a local race.  About one month before Mardi Gras, I'll be joining a few of my friends and running the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon  --New Orleans edition. Big cities all over the country hold Rock 'n' Roll Marathons, so this race will be packed with thousands and thousands of runners. (Chicago has one as well, so I'll try to keep up the tradition when we move back!).

[Post race refreshments: shrimp & grits and ice cold local beer]


Last night, I finished the 3.1 miles with almost the exact same time as the same race last year. My official published time was 25:41, though my watch said 25:12. I'll stick to the latter.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Friday Five!

{reading this on a Sunday morning, on the couch, with a mimosa… sounds amazing! I can’t wait to put all of my energy into our home J}

This week started off surprisingly anxiety free, but then low and behold, anxiety ensues... Sweaty yoga sounds amazing right now...

We met with our photographer to discuss day-of details, checked out the newly expanded Founders downtown, started to clean and organize the house in preparation for guests, etc etc. Nothing huge. Just normal life, kind of… but the questions. Oh the questions. They keep coming. Never ending questions. All good questions that need to be answered, but just made my ADD tendencies shoot through the roof!

This weekend, I look forward to chilling out. I’m so excited to check out ArtPrize, roam around downtown and have a date night (celebrating 5.5 years whoop whoop!). BONUS: The dinner table I've been dreaming about for months and months is finally arriving! Just in time to host our guests next week!!

Friday Forte: No Words – The Script (for my bubs… happy 5.5 years J can’t wait for the next 55 years)

{savoring every last bit of warm air 2013 has to offer}

{downtown lovin’ – my favorite kind!}

{tray from West Elm that FINALLY arrived after being on back order for months}

{obsessed with this new lip gloss… a little bit of color goes a long way. This box may or may not contain my entire wedding day look (sans dress and whatnot)}

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Bucket List

Fall! If we weren't already so busy I would put WAY more things on this list for me and the soon-to-be-hubby. But hey, there’s always next year J We’re not going anywhere! Unlike my Summer bucket list, I don’t think we’ll have any problems completing all on the list below (this summer was simply too busy to get all done that we wanted). I’m loving these bucket list installments. I always love things to look forward to, especially during the week, even when it’s a simple bonfire in the comfort of your own yard.

  1. Robinettes Apple Haus (every year!)
  2. Late night bonfire night at our home
  3. Tailgate in East Lansing for the Michigan vs. MSU game with Captain & Cider cocktails
  4. Make cheddar jalapeno corn bread
  5. Carve pumpkins
  6. Help Max make homemade chili
  7. Run a 5k in costume
  8. Catch some live music while sitting outside at the brand new Founders

Image via 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Megan’s Last FLING before the RING

Alright, lame title, but it’s the best I could do…
Oh this weekend… was amazing! Friday night at Reserve for Wolverine FNO was more than I ever expected. It was the perfect way to kick off my bachelorette weekend… champagne & shoes hellooooooo (more to come on this).

Saturday started off with a relaxing FaceTime session with Court, followed by my trial hair and makeup, then The BOB to watch some of the Michigan State game while I waited for all to arrive at the hotel and continue the festivities. I walk into the hotel room to, almost, all of my favorite people (minus a few stragglers). I was so happy when the crowd dispersed to show my mom quietly sitting by the window. SURPRISE! It was so much fun having her there for at least part of the night. The whole day was unforgettable and makes the approaching day that much more real.  

So many pictures this night, but here are some of my favorites!


{sweetest message from Mom}

{pita bread bbq pizza - awesome!}

{this picture just makes me so happy!}

{some things on this list I DID NOT do}

{happy, and blurry, bachelorette!}

{it wouldn't be Club Eve if you didn't run into multiple other bachelorette parties!}

{this... turned into...}

{this! so typical}

{and then there was this... again blurry but maybe one of my favorite memories of the evening!}

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Motivators!

Michigan on my mind...

[High five to 12 more days until Meggie & Max's wedding! ]

It's hard to think of anything but Meggie's upcoming wedding! Seemingly everything that is motivating me is somehow related to the big event:

1. Fall break is only 8 school days away. The start of fall break=Meg's wedding.
2. Going shopping for new red heels and perhaps some new earrings...aka the shoes & earrings I'll wear at Meg's wedding.
3. Taking little breaks in my day to look at Pintrest for hair ideas...aka the hair that I'll have at Meg's wedding AND items she's pinned for last minute details.
4. Less than two weeks until I'm up north again in the fall climate, visiting my family...up north in less than 2 weeks for Meg's wedding.
5. Just got fresh new highlights and will be giving myself a keratin treatment this beauty touches for Meg's wedding.

I could go on forever. I can't imagine how the BRIDE is feeling...such a happy time.

I did, sadly, miss out on her bachelorette party this past weekend, but I did everything in my power to try and feel like I was there.

 Face Time, champagne, and celebrating my beautiful sister. Clink! 

I was able to provide her "Something New" with this bracelet to wear on the big day. She's the clothes girl, I'm the jewelry girl. Now for her earrings...

I'm up to at least 2 nights of yoga each week now. 
During calmer weeks, I squeeze in a 3rd class. 

Race season kicks off this Saturday! I wouldn't even mind if it rained like it did at the same race last year. 
Perfect cooling agent during that finish line sprint. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five!

{oh hey Fall!}

This week was busy, but I did not mind it. Throughout being engaged, I feel like I've had two times that my stress level has peaked. The first time was the week we were moving into our house (naturally) and the second time just a couple of weeks ago, when the countdown got to one month. Other than that, I've been feeling very Zen. Calm. Like I know that whatever goes wrong, things will just work out. Somehow. Cause they have to… The cake person can’t find my order? No biggie, we paid for it so they’ll make it happen whether they like it or not? People don’t have a hotel reservation? Sorry, I told you 50 times to book in advance and now you have to scramble. A groomsman is backing out? Oh well, we have backups or they don’t HAVE to be even (although I do like symmetry…). Simple things that usually would push me over the edge are rolling off the shoulders a little better. It’s Max and my wedding. It will be the best day. No matter what.

Now, watch, since I've said this all hell will probably break loose! Here’s to hoping it won’t! Clink!

My bachelorette party is this weekend! I could not ask for better friends to celebrate this milestone with. And, if the dance party is ANYTHING like Chicago, people are in for a treat. I also scheduled my practice up-do and makeup for tomorrow so I have an event to show it off. I’m slightly nervous for this, but hopefully all will look amazing and my mind will be put at ease for the big day (2 weeks!!). Court, I wish more than ANYTHING you were here. It won’t be the same without you!

But before that, tonight I’m attending the Wolverine Fashion Night Out hosted by my girl Tieka. Basically a night filled with bloggers (mostly fashion…not sure I qualify but I’ll go with it) and small boutique owners mingling with food and drinks at a local Grand Rapids winery, Reserve. Tieka hooked me up with some awesome (and EXPENSIVE) shoes that I get to style up with an outfit… then KEEP. It’s the LIFE I tell ya. I just hope I can do these shoes justice! BONUS: An old GFS colleague now works at Wolverine, so I’m looking forward to catching up with her at the event as well.

Friday Forte: Landfill– Daughter (perfect for the rainy work days we've been having)

{it’s time I grow up and learn to live with my ID and credit card NOT attached to my phone – easier to make the transition with this beauty!}

{ArtPrize is in full swing! An event I LOVE every year, despite the fact that it's throwing monkey wrenches in all sorts of wedding related plans; P.S. If you're in the area, make sure you vote for Maureen!!}

{farmers market mustard pretzel dip! The “healthier” version of my chips and salsa addiction}

{not a cute pic but hey, we got our marriage license!}