Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friday Five!

{saw this and both decided we HAD to have it for our entrance – we are definitely learning to compromise on the décor – CONFESSION: If Max was able to engrave his ring we were TOTALLY going to have this on each of our wedding bands... judge us}

Happy Friday the 13th!
Another short week for me!! It’s definitely showing in my work load, woof.

Oh well. The week went by extremely fast and I love that. Days were jam packed with meetings (putting out fires… always putting out fires) and beginning to plan for our end of fiscal presentation, and nights were filled with a combination of preparing for the upcoming weekend and hangin’ with the fiancé (since we no longer have our weekends together – both completely booked, with opposite plans, every weekend, until the wedding… TEAR). 

MJ’s bachelorette is this weekend! So excitedddddd! In just a few minutes, I’ll be Kalamazoo bound, Pumpkin Spice Latte (#PSL!) in hand, to catch my ride to the first destination and start the celebration off with brunch! Since it’s all a surprise for the bride, mum’s the word J but I assure you it will be extremely memorable! I’ll be back next week with pics, so don’t you even worry!!

Friday Forte: FemaleRobbery – The Neighborhood (this band always reminds me of the beginning of Fall… Sweater Weather!)


{burning brush turned into a mini bonfire + time to catch up on magazines}

{impromptu happy hour celebrating a co-workers potential promotion!}

{cool clipboards holding the menu at Harmony}

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