Sunday, September 15, 2013

NOLA Cafes: The Reservoir Cafe

I stayed a bit closer to home for my second installment of this coffee shop tour. For those of you who have visited me, or know the landscape of the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, this cafe is on Magazine Street (just like Cafe Luna ) however, this one is much, MUCH further down river. 

The Reservoir Cafe is located across the street from the Lower Garden District location of Juan's Flying Burrito (one of my favorite spots to eat Mexican Food.)

View from my table was very New Orleans. 

I'd like to say, a cappuccino is a cappuccino...but this one didn't do it for me like the one at Cafe Luna did. 
TURN OFF: It was hard to enjoy my cap and banana bc there were tons of FLIES buzzing around me! I actually closed the laptop early bc the nagging bugs wouldn't quit. GROSS.

They'll use anything to furnish the place. Very creative. I considered working at this desk, but really preferred to look outside.

Local art. Check.

This one earns them a few points. Loads of things to read. 
They obviously want you to settle in and stay for awhile. 

Location: VERY Close to my house. And to one of the schools I work at.  Maybe too close for a Friday work session.

Service: Not bad. The guy wasn't UNfriendly, but he didn't do a lot to personalize the visit. Maybe he was tired. Or mad that he had flies buzzing around his joint.

Atmosphere/Decor: Dark (which isn't a bad thing). The outdoor seating looked cute, but on the day of my visit, it was about 98 degrees. Also, the eclectic garage sale style furnishings were admirable, but that doesn't impress me enough to want to come running back.

Beverages: Cappuccino just wasn't what I hoped it would be.

Food: I only got a banana, but they did have LOADS of amazing options. That may make me return...even if it's just for carry out quiche....or homemade banana walnut bread (I love baking w/ bananas). They offer other homemade pastries (scones that look good enough, breakfast tacos & sandwiches. Add any of those to a non-coffee drink and I think you've got a (to-go) date! This feature takes the prize over Cafe Luna, but the rest just isn't enough to convince me that it's my new "regular" spot.

Score (1-5 cups):  Reservoir Cafe gets 2 cups :/

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