Sunday, June 30, 2013

Homemade Doggie Feast

This morning was not the most shining moment in my puppy parenthood. I realized the pups' food ran out after feeding them dinner last night and the store--the only store--that sells the kids' food didn't open until NOON today.

Yea...It's not cool to starve your dogs until lunch time. 

 So, I threw a couple of chicken breasts on the grill and got to work, preparing a healthy, homemade Sunday morning feast for my baby bulldogs. 

 To be on the safe side, I chose not to season the meat at all. (Contrary to the MANY recipes I found online for homemade dog food). 

 Steamed some veggies for a bit.

 Tossed the veggies with the chicken...

 Added some raw celery for a nice crunch (I know they're not critics, but I had to be creative in my preparation!)

The Cheerios are in there for two reasons: 
1) I wanted to add a bit of carbs, but didn't want to add rice & 
2) It just looks cuter, doesn't it? 
Rather than something I'd feed myself for dinner. 

 [Here, the babies are waiting for grandma to drop 
something as she cooks...] 

In the end, they loved their breakfast. Honestly, they would have eaten anything, in any combination & with any consistency.  That's why I didn't throw it in a blender...what's the point?! It was gone in about 25 seconds. 

[They've really got this syncronized begging thing down pat]

For a hot second I really did consider doing this from now on, but I think it would get old--and expensive--after awhile. That doesn't mean we can't treat them to a human feast on special occasions though! 

I had a blast cooking for someone other than myself or my husband; and this concept opens up a whole new branch of culinary creativity!!  

[uuumm, new hobby??] 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five!

{drove sis by our home that we get to move into in 30 days or less – the SOLD sign gave me goose bumps}

I was worried that my post-exciting-weekend-blues would last for a few days, but I was pleasantly surprised that this week has been rewardingly busy, filled with so many things that make me happy. Some VERY sweaty yoga sessions, catching up on picture organization while watching How I Met Your Mother, addressing Thank-You cards (actually more fun than I thought it would be) and an AMAZING dinner night with two fellow Grand Rapids bloggers snapped me right back to reality and a normal routine (oh yeah, work was good too!).

Tonight Max and I are heading to a White Caps game (check). Good old American fun with some beers and laughs. The remainder of the weekend Max is heading to his hometown for some fam time (fishing?), while I, weather permitting, am dedicating myself to boating and relaxing with grapefruit juice + champagne, my new favorite combination thanks to A Beautiful Mess (champagne and prosecco are the same thing, right? France vs. Italy…whatever). CHEERS!

{Winchester dinner awesome with Grand Rapids bloggers Tieka & Kayley}

{my summer wardrobe the last couple of weeks – mint mint mint!}

{New kind of Skittles that magically appeared in our vending machine J}

{one red bag delivery to kick off the weekend :)}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grand Rapids has WHAT?!

Over the past few months I've noticed that I don’t know my city as well as I thought! Max and I were on one of our many date nights here, and as we were leaving my jaw dropped. I saw an ANTHROPOLOGEI! Right in front of my eyes. How did my city have this and I was unaware? (apparently it’s been there since 2010). So stoked! I automatically set a date to go peruse the store, knowing that I won’t (shouldn't….?) buy anything… at least for now... 

{fun vintage-ish knobs for the green dresser in the new home?}

{already own two of these coffee table books... love the style}


{i just have to have a chalk board in my kitchen}

{really want this full length mirror too... bonus outfit shot}

{dream mint?}

A couple of weeks later on yet another date night, we were driving along and out of the corner of my eye I saw HOME GOODS! “Holy hell, when did that get there?” is exactly what I said to Max. Of course he had no idea what I was talking about… typical… I've never actually gotten to visit a real live Home Goods store, and you can’t order anything offline. So sad. Needless to say I’m not sad anymore! Again, I shouldn't go crazy on the spending, at least until we move into our home. But when that day comes, I’ll shop til I drop, but until then, I can daydream (and daydream some more).

I wonder what other gems are in my city that I’m oblivious to…

P.S. It’s rumored that H&M, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods will be gracing Grand Rapids with its presence! I hope this rumor holds true (it’s gone back and forth multiple times). If this is the case, crossing fingers, all that’s missing is an IKEA!! xoxo


Okay, so it may not be Monday, but I'm on vacation, so the days are sort of running together.
I've put the Monday Motivators on pause during my brief summer break, but I failed to warn anyone that I was doing it.
Sorry about that.

There are plenty of other people out there trying to stay positive and inspired from Monday to Friday, so as Meggie said, I "owe the world some Monday Motivators".

This week, there's plenty keeping me going...

Looking at pictures and reminiscing about last weekend's successful bridal shower.

 I had SO much fun preparing the food and flowers for the event.

 Farewell Happy Hour with a friend who is moving to Brazil for 2 years. This place is in an area of New Orleans I didn't even know existed! It's such an awesome absolutely must check out the gallery on their website. 

I'm also spending my time off of work to spend doing what I really love...

 Playing with the two coolest, cutest pups in the world. 

[Bonus: Found this pic on my mom's computer! 
Apple and I the day we got her. Look at all of those rolls!]

Reading a book that doesn't have to do with education. 

This one next. 
It's been sitting on my shelf, waiting for me since Christmas.

I'm a MAD WOMAN in the kitchen this week! Inspiration from my adorable future brother-in-law, coupled by an indulgent trip to the produce section, I'm trying loads of new and/or improved recipes. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try some of them out over the Fourth of July weekend with friends.

One more week of vacation and then the new job begins! 
*This could be the one!*