Monday, June 24, 2013

Ladies Bridal Shower

As mentioned in my Friday Five last week, this past Saturday was my Bridal Shower. It was so amazing to have my friends and family in one gorgeously decorated place to celebrate. My Mom and Sister hosted at my parents house (with my dad as the waiter!). It was such a relaxed and casual atmosphere. I was so filled with love the entire day and I am more grateful than ever for all the people I have in my life! It truly was a perfect day. 

BIG thank you to Courtney and my Mom (and Dad) for putting on a shower that one of the attendees referred to as "the most Meg-like-Day I've ever had". It was perfect. Filled with beautiful flowers, my favorite foods and drinks (YES CHAMPAGNE!), but more importantly love, laughter, all of my favorite ladies!

NOTE: Yes, there is a lot of pictures of the flowers but they are beautiful!

{Dodi always has my back!}


{Island Fest was an awesome way to end the night - a little blurry!}

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