Monday, June 17, 2013

Gallery Wall Inspiration

For the past few months I have been obsessed with the idea of putting together a gallerywall (and here) in our new home. I’ve been so fixated on the idea that I have an entire Pinterest board basically dedicated to it (it also includes ideas for our new home in general but gallery wall seems to be what I care about the most…right now).

The idea of this wall is simple. We want to organize prints of things that we love… things that are important to us… our LIFE (in a somewhat symmetrical order perhaps). This will not be a place to hang posed photos of people smiling at the camera. No sir! These will be prints of the more artistic sort. A Michigan State landmark. A significant Instagram photo… a gorgeous picture of Calder Plaza… pretty picture that I took of… something. Anything. The sky is the limit. I will not wait until we have all the photos we want to hang. I will start small and build. It will always be a work in progress. And I like that. I can’t WAIT to move into our home!!!!!

Images via google search and Domino:The Book of Decorating

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