Monday, June 10, 2013

Favorites of the Summer

Summertime in Michigan. The couple short months that all Michigan-ders dream about during the cold winter months (sometimes 6) when we’re struggling to keep our feet at the standard 98.6 degrees. I LOVE SUMMER! Happy times, mixed with good music, good food, good people and good memories. There is no summer that I regret. Love them all. Unfortunately, I no longer have summers off. It blows. Bites. Sucks. But I’m an adult and this is what I signed up for.

Summer time mostly reminds me of the water. Lifeguarding was a HUGE part of my high school and college summers, so how could it not. Since graduating and working for GFS, I now boat. As much as I can. So the water trend continues, as I believe every person’s summer should revolve around water (whenever possible...). 

Cheers to another great summer season in Michigan!



{wine (or beer) on the balcony + good book - I WISH}

I know its not #tbt (Throwback Thursday) yet, but I couldn't help busting out an image of what my summer's used to look like... boy how things have changed. 

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