Thursday, November 17, 2016

See you in 2017!

Aaaand I'm gone again... I've been booking myself solid in work and in my personal life, not leaving a ton of time for much else. And to be honest, 2016 hasn't been the greatest year for me, so why not come back in the new year with new beginnings?


Although, I still LOVE documenting the awesome moments of life on my Instagram... so feel free to follow along!

See you in 2017. 
I plan on making it something special.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

i'm back

Welllll that hiatus lasted longer than expected… longer than I meant or intended, which makes me sad. This blog truly is a fun, creative outlet for me to share my thoughts, memories, and well… my life. I’ve missed it. But I’ve gone through some things recently that forced me to take a break… take a step back and figure out what it will take to get back to ME.

I was feeling sad and uninspired, and in the words of Claire Marshall also “angry that I was sad and uninspired” (this video says it all... ).

But I think I’m finally ready. Ready to concur the unknown, tackle more shit that needs to be handled and just…take back my life.

“Let’s play a game
Where all the lives we lead
Could change”

Let’s do this. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

RECAP since July!

Hi again, friends!!

I may have been absent in the blog world, but that doesn’t mean I was absent I life! All else aside, I did my best to live the fullest life I could over the summer and so far this Fall! It has been a B U S Y few months! Let’s see what all has happened, shall we? J

Celebrated 4th of July with my bestie

Spent a weekend in Mackinac Island

Showered a new baby entering the world

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Trail Point

Chicago & Wisconsin trips for work

Spent a weekend in Ann Arbor with my favorite Beebies

Art Hopped around Kalamazoo and kicked off the Summer Olympics

Inspired by WFF, the “Before I Die” wall went live at my Corporate office (a project that took me months to finally see through!)

So many 30th birthday’s celebrated at Bell’s Brewing

Wine Clubs… oh the Wine Clubs

Speaking of Wine Club, celebrated an awesome couple in Grand Haven… Bachelorette and Wedding Day (with the best date around)

The Verve Pipe at Bell’s

Labor Day Boating

MSU Home Opener!

Traveled to Texas for a week of meetings

WFF Leadership Workshop in Chicago

Louisville Food Show where I had the best meal ever at Varanese!

WMU Homecoming

Bottom 40 – Party Animals

MSU vs. Michigan in East Lansing