Saturday, October 31, 2015

MSU takes Ann Arbor!

A couple of weeks ago I tailgated in Ann Arbor for the first time in 5 years. The last time I made an appearance was when I was graciously given free tickets to the Michigan v. Michigan State game by a vendor in 2010, my first and only trip to the Big House (as much as I hate to admit it, the Big House is COOL!). I’m not gonna lie, I really like Ann Arbor! Every time I’m there it’s such a blast visiting local eateries, bars, breweries, etc. Beside the rivalry, U of M really is a fun place to hang out.

The day was really fun overall. After toasting the rivalry it was off was off to the golf course… the tennis courts of Ann Arbor. We saw the team drive by while tailgating in the parking lot (at a pretty exclusive spot if you ask me), we did mini photo shoots all around the U of M stadium, and we mingled with fellow fans. Then it was time to battle! I’m proud to announce that MSU finished on top (in case you missed it, watch the epic last play here). Unfortunately I couldn’t exactly celebrate the way I wanted (since I was surrounded by livid and on-the-verge-of-tears  U of M fans), so I sat silently smiled and responded to the countless texts I was receiving as the world crumbled for those around me. Ten minutes after the game, Max called (from his tree stand) and I screamed into the phone once I was safely away from the Wolverines. It was a pretty cool night.

After watching this truly magical display of football rivalry we were off to dinner and relaxing. I love weekends that are equal parts busy and laid back.

See you soon Ann Arbor!! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Five!

{October Wine Club!}

This week felt very short. I got home from New York late Monday night, Wednesday was my first work-from-home day (LOVED IT!), had a blast at Wine Club last night and today have the Harvest Fest at the offices. Come this afternoon I get to ogle the cute little costumes and hand out candy to all the children of GFS. Fun way to end the week J

This weekend I am looking forward to some quality time at home. Relaxing, catching my breath, and maybe passing out some candy!

Friday Forte:
(Adele is back!) 

{since Europe I've had this brand on my mind... well New York did it and I finally gave in to the Longchamp}

{Adagio Tea soothed me this week (plus my Vampire Diaries obsession has hit a whole new level)}

{simple friendship bracelet from China Town to commemorate the trip... we plan on engraving}

{pre-flight Monday afternoon snack…. Red Velvet cupcake from Magnolia Bakery}

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Instagram Life – October 2015

October was unforgettable (in many ways). Not one dull weekend (or dull weeknight for that matter…). Between our anniversary weekend on the lake shore to East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Tampa and New York it was nonstop. Why is this seem to be an annual October trend? It is what it is but I have no complaints….

** Anniversary weekend brewery tour’ing it up, up and down the Michigan Lakeshore with the love of my life
** Baby Aven lights up my life!
** Grand Rapids Food Show week!
** ArtPrize exploration with my fav
** Represented at the 60th Evans Scholar Anniversary Celebration in East Lansing
** Victory for MSU. Ann Arbor was not happy but I sure was!
** Tampa! Quick overnight for our Fall Florida Food Show…  I love you palm trees
** These ladies... they've been there for so much of my life!
** NEW YORK CITY! You inspire me so…

While November brings some relief, there is still lots’ going on to keep me busy through this Fall season. Next weekend I’m off to Chicago for the best live music that ever existed (City and Colour), then its relaxation time in Dorr, followed by 2 weekends of Thanksgiving celebration with our respective families (and a fun blogger event and surprise party thrown in there somewhere for the funs of it!). 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

52 Hand Lettered – October Recap

“one thing to do this month” = find time for us
Max and I haven’t spent much time together recently. Fall is always tough and being gone all of August didn’t help things much… I look forward to schedules slowing down and spending quality time together…

“dreaming of…” = a Perfect Fall Day
... with Max

“my favorite time of day” = peaceful mornings
I really love first thing on Saturday morning, when Max is still asleep, grabbing a cup of coffee, catching up on TV shows, reading blogs, Netflix… whatever I want. It’s my favorite. It’s where I re-connect and get inspired all over again!

“Looking forward to” = our future

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Friday Five!

{love... with it, nothing else matters (p.s. my Pandora ring obsession is getting out of hand)}

This week has been a whirlwind. Tuesday and Wednesday I was at a Food Show in Tampa, I spent Thursday in the office playing catch up and then immediately drove to Detroit once my day was over. 

As you read this I’m, technically, on my fifth plane ride of the week! But this time I'm heading to a girls weekend in NYC!

I need this weekend. I need this time with some of my best and oldest friends doing what we girls do...  Laugh & Love. Unconditionally… Always…

Friday Forte: 
{this album got me through all flights this week... ON REPEAT)

{acoustic covers in a dark bar}

{first time ever in the famous red telephone booth … even if it  was just décor in a Tampa bar}

{palm trees light up my life... perhaps that means NOLA should be in the near future....?}

{all you can eat nachos the night before a Food Show? Needless to say I need a DETOX asap!}

Monday, October 19, 2015

I found my happy place Barcelona - Part II

Day 4
Beach time! Once up and around we took the bus to the Platja de la Barcelona, where we spent the majority of the day. We people watched, shared pitchers of sangria, had conversation with tourists and marveled at how beautiful and surreal it was to be at a beach in Spain. So breathtaking. So relaxing. So perfect. Then we bussed. This was our last day to use our bus pass so we took full advantage and finished the rest of the city we had yet to discover. We went up the montjuic (hill) to see the Jardin de Joan Maragall (gardens), the Olympic Stadium and so much more. We finished the night in our usual fashion… people watching on La Rambla with sangria and paella. 

Day 5
Waking up on our last day in Barcelona (and on this epic vacation), there wasn’t much we hadn’t done yet. Mom and I basically just picked a place on a map and went! We went to about the furthest place you could go, Park Guell. It was a real bummer when we found out the wait to get in was over two hours long… so instead of wasting precious time we simply surrounded the park. The grounds are quite expansive! There’s so much so see outside of the actual park itself. We walked up what seemed like 1000 steps only to take a break listening to live music at the top. But it was all worth it because once we “summit-ed”, we saw a view of all Barcelona, a truly spectacular sight… the pictures will never do the view justice! After taking a taxi back to plaça de catalunya (City Center), it was time for more sangria and exploring. We shopped in El Gotic, a district we searched and searched for and never knew we were actually staying one street over from and had been in all along until the end. We walked the streets until our feet could walk no more. We ended the night on our rooftop at dusk, listening to the cathedral bells of the city, with Barcelona at our feet.

Barcelona was a perfect combination of the alleyways of Venice and the historical and massive monuments in Paris. It was everything I wanted it to be. This trip was everything I wanted it to be.