Monday, October 19, 2015

I found my happy place Barcelona - Part I

Barcelona... The last stop on Mom and my world-wind two week trip. We flew out of Paris the morning of August 20th, arriving in Barcelona around lunchtime. Immediately you felt the energy in the air.

Day 1
Our hotel was located in the iconic district of  La Rambla, a bustling street full of food vendors, restaurants, shops, The Market and PEOPLE. Oh so many people! So many people in fact that at one point during our stay, Mom and I were so sick of being the ones the get out of people’s way we just ran into strangers… on purpose! What can I say, it made us feel better… Anywho, our first day was really spent exploring that street. We drank Sangria, at paella, shopped around, visited The Market (THE JUICE!), drank more sangria, had dinner on a rooftop bar (The Attic), then headed to bed. We were beat.

Day 2
On our second day we woke up still tired and unmotivated to do anything besides wander (we did a lot of wandering in Barcelona). We wandered over to The Market (THE JUICE), then wandered over the De Mar bridge to Maremagnum, a shopping center located on the Pier of Spain of Puerto Viejo de Barcelona. While there we continued our quest to find Mom’s perfect white shoes (Spoiler Alert: WE NEVER DID), drank Starbucks for additional energy, then decided screw it… it’s Noon, and had a cocktail overlooking the port. After venturing back over the bridge, we dropped off our purchases, shared a glass of champs on the rooftop terrace overlooking Barcelona, and were off again… exploring and having adventures. We visited the l’Eixample district jumped for joy at the Barcelona version of the Arc de Triomf in the Passeig de Lluis Companys, ventured through El Born, and finally settled for another sangria at a little restaurant right in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. The people of Barcelona were not the nicest, but damn they make good sangria!

Day 3
This was the day. The day I think my Mom was most excited about for our entire trip. This was the day we woke up bright and early, and met with our tour group to explore the Placa de la Sagrada Familia. This will be a separate post J (don’t ya like how I do that?). After the tour was over, we utilized our hop-on-hop-off tickets to slowly venture back to our hotel (seeing Casa Batllo and exploring Passeig De Gracia  in the process… oh man the shopping that could have been done here!). Once back to our hotel we were spent and decided to take part in a good old fashion siesta! We relaxed on our hotel rooftop terrace reading and napping and FaceTime’ing for hours. We only left to grab more food and have girl time at the hotel club J

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