Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Instagram Life – October 2015

October was unforgettable (in many ways). Not one dull weekend (or dull weeknight for that matter…). Between our anniversary weekend on the lake shore to East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Tampa and New York it was nonstop. Why is this seem to be an annual October trend? It is what it is but I have no complaints….

** Anniversary weekend brewery tour’ing it up, up and down the Michigan Lakeshore with the love of my life
** Baby Aven lights up my life!
** Grand Rapids Food Show week!
** ArtPrize exploration with my fav
** Represented at the 60th Evans Scholar Anniversary Celebration in East Lansing
** Victory for MSU. Ann Arbor was not happy but I sure was!
** Tampa! Quick overnight for our Fall Florida Food Show…  I love you palm trees
** These ladies... they've been there for so much of my life!
** NEW YORK CITY! You inspire me so…

While November brings some relief, there is still lots’ going on to keep me busy through this Fall season. Next weekend I’m off to Chicago for the best live music that ever existed (City and Colour), then its relaxation time in Dorr, followed by 2 weekends of Thanksgiving celebration with our respective families (and a fun blogger event and surprise party thrown in there somewhere for the funs of it!). 

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