Friday, May 31, 2013

Milk Crate Herb Garden


During the recent packing and moving out of my current school building, I found myself with an abundance of milk crates. I just couldn't part with them...the resourceful side of me had to use them in some sort of creative way.  This was both the frugal and OCD side of me.
So I started doing some research...

I found several ideas for what to do with milk crates on Pintrest (of course), as well as some other gardening and organizing blogs.
I used a few as end tables on balconies, containers for dog toys and footstools.
The herb garden was the idea I was the most excited about.
It was creative and it also fell into one of my New Year's resolutions. 

Now that I see that this process is successful, I'll be adding more crates and increasing my herb inventory.  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friday Five!

{some favorites from our engagement session – more to come from the amazing Darren Breen}

Aaaaaaand RELAX! These past few weeks have been a blast, but also very busy, and stressful at times. So glad to get back to my old routine and actually spend some time in my own town in my own home… before the madness starts all over again!. Just talking about all of the activities we have before our honeymoon in January fills pages. PAGES.

Can’t complain though. Pumped for each. And. Every. One.

Tonight, I can’t wait to spend some much needed girl time with my oldest OLDEST friend, together logging a good sweat session then rounding out the evening with wine, music, movies and conversation! The rest of the weekend has in store… absolutely nothing! If the weather works… GREAT, then we BOAT… if not… maybe some Arrested Development and mimosas on the couch? Who knows. Who cares. Lazy and love it.

{birthday present to myself}

{free White Caps tickets (hello summer bucket list!) and a birthday present from GFS}

{blog reading (hooked on the stories told in 100 Layer Cake) + wine - perfect relaxation after crazy yoga sweaty madness}

{slowly but surely finding the perfect snacks for these amazing containers that will be the center of our kitchen - although kind of have a hard time keeping the peanut M&M's full... }

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

While in East Lansing for our engagement photo shoot Max and I decided to visit the newly finished Art Museum. It doesn't match the old school brick and ivy d├ęcor of the other buildings on and surrounding the campus, so it’s hard to miss. The museum was completed back in November of 2012 and took nearly three years to build (although it seemed like WAY longer than that with the announcement being made back in 2007). I must say, job well done East Lansing! While it sticks out like a sore thumb (kind of like when the downtown Kalamazoo Library first opened up) I was impressed with its contents. The extremely contemporary building had three floors and countless rooms filled with original artwork and has drawn international attention.

So, our relaxing little Saturday afternoon at MSU exceeded our expectations (I was unaware that the East Lansing Art Festival was going on as well). Amazing mimosa breakfast at Beggar’s… visiting art museum’s… meandering around art booths… relaxing in the grassy shade with live music in the background… people watching while enjoying a combination of Spartan Wheat and Raspberry Wheat on the balcony of Harpers… Amazing day. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Big Easy

Soooo, Friday Five last week didn't happen due to some unexpected delays (24 hours worth) at the airport. Since our trip was cut short by nearly a day, unfortunately, not all was accomplished in New Orleans but most was (here, here and here for starters). It was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but definitely nice to be home and finally have a (somewhat) clear schedule.

Another NOLA trip down in the books!

{beignet birthday cake! let's see if my wish comes true}

{fat boy 5k}

{yes, I did suck the head out of crawfish...}

{...and eat a raw oyster}

{and what Max considers the second best, possibly best onion rings he's ever had here}

{possibly the best Mojito ever here}

{yum yum cajun fish tacos here}

{so lucky to actual visit a Free People location in person! such a fun, summertime blog to follow}

{whole foods needs to come to GR ASAP!}

{max enjoyed his first street car trip}

{court of two sisters... we meet again!}

{tourist with hurricane}

{this needs to come to Grand Rapids as well}