Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Big Easy

Soooo, Friday Five last week didn't happen due to some unexpected delays (24 hours worth) at the airport. Since our trip was cut short by nearly a day, unfortunately, not all was accomplished in New Orleans but most was (here, here and here for starters). It was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but definitely nice to be home and finally have a (somewhat) clear schedule.

Another NOLA trip down in the books!

{beignet birthday cake! let's see if my wish comes true}

{fat boy 5k}

{yes, I did suck the head out of crawfish...}

{...and eat a raw oyster}

{and what Max considers the second best, possibly best onion rings he's ever had here}

{possibly the best Mojito ever here}

{yum yum cajun fish tacos here}

{so lucky to actual visit a Free People location in person! such a fun, summertime blog to follow}

{whole foods needs to come to GR ASAP!}

{max enjoyed his first street car trip}

{court of two sisters... we meet again!}

{tourist with hurricane}

{this needs to come to Grand Rapids as well}

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