Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Motivators!

This is an especially great Monday because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!
As luck would have it, our annual company picnic was scheduled for today!
Six air conditioned charter buses took the entire staff of our network of schools to the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain to 
Fontainebleau State Park.  

One of my friends made rum balls...these little donut looking treats were SOAKED in rum...they literally squirted rum in your mouth when you bit into them.  yum.

Mimosa at 8:00 am. 

 Me & my girls again. 

 My closest friend at work knows my passion for funfetti cake, so she surprised me with this when we got there....

She even brought candles!! (Three rather than 33).  
That wish still counts. 
When this truck came rolling up, it brought with it the smell of hot boiled crawfish.

Literally by the BOATLOAD! 

 It's a messy job...and someone had to teach me to do it. Sometimes my husband does it for me, and people certainly offered to help me today, but I'm a big girl now...I chose to do it myself!

After lunch, we walked around the park. We passed a pretty and peaceful pond. 

 And then we walked to the shore of the great big lake to soak our feet and enjoy the breeze. 

Coming back to the festivities, we opted to hide out in our corner and open another bottle. I  mean, come on, it is my birthday...


We were just looking to relax. That many hours in the sun with alcohol is bound to tire out any 23 year-old...let alone a newly 33 year-old. 
I was done.
Then, hot as hell in this southern summer heat, we grabbed ice cold waters and waited for the buses to bring us home.
(I slept the entire way...wouldn't be surprised if they snapped a photo or two of that mess)

 I came home sweaty, stinky & exhausted of course; but was able to cool off and relax in the new urban retreat I recently created for myself (spoiler alert for my next post!)

So, after having an amazing Monday, I've still got loads of things charging me up and getting me through this week!! 

Check it out: 

1. Three day work week! I'll work on wrapping up the school year by working this Tues, Wed & Thursday. 

 2. PAMPERING: Manicure scheduled for tomorrow after work & full highlight Wednesday evening.
4. Meggie & Max arrive late Thursday night!! Looking forward to kicking off the long weekend with them by celebrating Meggie's birthday on Friday at Commander's Palace for 25 cent martinis. 

5. LAST RACE OF THE SEASON is this Saturday...and Meggie is running it with me! Apparently there's lots of sweet treats afterwards..I just hope it's not so hot we don't want them. 

Just excited for all of the fun things we'll do over the course of their visit. 

So many great things planned....

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