Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five!

p.s. Everyone needs a little reminder now and again.

This week was a complete 180 from last week. I think it was the weather. Honestly. Michigan has a funny way of making its residents EXCEEDINGLY grateful when the first taste of warm breeze and sunshine-y days arrive. No matter what else is going on, you are comforted by these bits of Mother Nature and the stresses of work, or a missed deadline or that pesky to-do list just seem to melt away. I got to run outside (and got a tan line!), have Mexican food with friends at an outside bar, grab a drink with Max on a patio, sit and work on the roof at work. You get the point. Anywho this week rocked. Just did. I’m grateful. And happy.

Wedding day taste testing weekend! So excited! Kicking off Saturday with our realtor checking out a few houses that caught our eye , then off to our cheesecake/cake tasting, and finally moving on to our reception (and ceremony) venue for sampling various appetizers and entrée’s we would like to serve. Since we’ll be downtown already, might as well check off some things from the Summer bucket list by visiting here and here. Going to be a deliciously indulgent day! Although, I think Max is more excited than I am…    

Since Sunday is Cinco de Mayo, going out for a celebratory chips and dip appetizer washed down by a margarita (or 2…3?) is on the agenda. Obviously.

Friday Forte: OnlyLove – Ben Howard (song to be included in our wedding montage video?) 

{the most special necklace I'll ever own}

{jogs + sunshine}

{is it a good thing or a bad thing that the bakery team now includes me on all of their red velvet related communications?}

{5 year anniversary plaque – boy how time has flown by!}

{Wild Game Weekend}

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