Sunday, August 31, 2014

Instagram Life – August 2014

This month was a whirlwind! The month started with my trip home from Houston, followed by 2 weekends spent lounging on a boat or by Lake Michigan, a weekend trip to Chicago, even more boating and a ton of home renovations. It was a great month with a perfect balance of summertime relaxation and summertime trips. They say August is the end of summer, but from where I stand, we still have another solid month before I’m ready to give into Fall. Even though College football has officially started, I’m not ready to stow away my Michigan State shorts quite yet. They still have a few more wears in them.

September brings just as much promise as August had. The month is kicked off with a wedding weekend in Traverse City, followed by some good old outdoor Grand Rapids fun, a quick Sunday 5k, and a long weekend trip to NEW ORLEANS! I don’t want to wish the rest of summer away, but I can hardly wait to see my sister, David Gray and beignets!!

** Boating with Babies. Always
** Lake Michigan
** Flea Market Sunday
** I made great strides in my main work project this month. Hard work pays off
** I took time to unwind and read a couple books
** Happy Hours are always a must for the Maxey’s
** CHICAGO! Sushi at Slurpling Turtle
** Words of wisdom from the Funky Buddha
** Michigan State Football season is upon us ladies & gentlemen! Spartans for Life <3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Five!

{Michigan sunsets}

Happy Long Weekend! I have never been more excited for the week to be over. I had a work related epiphany a couple of days ago that hit me hard, and led to a rough week. Now I just need to figure out what to do about it… 

I’m taking a half day today and Max and I are headed East. East Lansing to be exact! Michigan State football kicks off tonight and I am giddy with excitement. Just thinking about being on campus gives me butterflies. THE.BEST. The rest of the weekend holds so many possibilities. Labor Day weekend last year we were booked solid! This year we can do whatever we want. It’ll be interesting to see where the car takes us… 

Friday Forte:

{newly discovered hiding spot at work}

{hydrangeas off the back patio}

{my favorite wine of the moment… and this just happens to be one of 2 I have from this article in my wine rack, the other one mentioned here}

{surprise produce left at my desk! I’m feelin some salsa this holiday weekend}

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eastown Loves – Yoga in Wilcox Park

image via

Outdoor yoga was on my bucket list this summer. Honestly, I didn't like it all that much. I never felt like I worked up a sweat, the bugs got all kinds of annoying, and the children were taking over the class, which means the instructor didn't work us too hard. All of this combined means the part that I truly love about the type of yoga I practice is the HEAT! I would say that I do love the benefits that all type of yoga provides, mentally and physically, but I guess I don’t get the “spiritual” this-will-save-my-life kinda feeling unless I just sweat my heart out! Perhaps I need this sweat to prove that I've let go of something while practicing. Whether that’s simply an overall bad mood, a bad week or bigger picture badness, the sweat, to me, is proof of this. Letting go & moving forward. That’s what I like. And the sweat provides that and I always leave 2 pounds lighter and 1,000 times freer.

With that being said, I’m still glad I did it, something I've never done before and checked off the summer bucket list!

Next time I only hope I have the privilege of practicing on a sweltering day and not a mildly chilly [Sunday] evening. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Eataly - Chicago

While in Chicago two weekends ago we stopped by Eataly, a department store sized food market, complete with 9 restaurants, their very own beer, a wine section, meats to die for, rows upon rows of pasta and so much more. Did I mention their whole first floor (yes, you heard me, multiple floors!) is made up of desserts? Yes. The Nutella bar was so good it made me want to cry, I tried three different kinds of gelato during my visit (pistachio was my favorite), and they have a walk up Batista bar. This place is out of this world.

Ohh Eataly. What can I say? I want to move in! Like literally, I would move my bed into a spare corner, either by the cheese section or the Nutella bar. This place really makes you appreciate quality goods, whether it’s the ingredients you use to make your meals, the soap you buy or the wine you drink. Everything is top notch.

If I didn't really want to visit Italy before, I do 10 times more now. I can’t wait for a European adventure!!  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Five!

{peaceful summer mornings at the office}

I love it when I have multiple evening activities planned to break the week up. Sometimes it’s nice to be home and just enjoy being lazy, but other times, I really do enjoy being on the go constantly. This week was the latter. I had plans nearly every night and it really motivated me to give the workday my all. Last week was an extremely productive and rewarding week, and all I hoped was to continue that momentum into this week. It’s nice to say I succeeded.

This weekend is relatively low in plans. Boating would be a welcome relief from the humidity, but hanging around the house sounds fun too. Either way, I will thoroughly enjoy lazily relaxing this weekend away, regardless of where it is... 

{a macaroon a day keeps the doctor away}

{brightened up a rainy Tuesday with pastel pants}

{cool label on a new beer}

{touch more metal added to the office}

MEXICO: The Wedding!

Happy One Month Anniversary, Mike & Katie! 

A whole month has already passed since we attended one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to.

The group of guests was small and the wedding party was even smaller. Only the closest friends and family attended to take part in the relaxing, joyful and long-overdue nuptuals of our dear friend Mike to his lovely partner in life, Katie.

You've all seen the fun leading up to the big day on in the "Vacation" segment of this mini series. Here you'll see how the final hours leading up to the wedding were spent. There was everything from a sushi dinner, to a bonfire with smores (just like in Michigan!) to a way-too-late karaoke session.

After another day at the pool, we we got charged up, cleaned up and suited up for the big event.

We were all very hilarious. Not at all ridiculous.

That dress! 

That hair!

Seconds after they sealed the deal, we were all toasting!

Not a bad backdrop for your wedding photos.

Cocktail hour