Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friday Five!

{pops of purple during a lunchtime run}

Confession: Before this week, I was downing a 5 Hour Energy right at 2:00pm every work day for the past month and a half. Something hit me one day, and I couldn’t stay awake to save my life. A co-worker tossed me 5 Hour Energy and basically said “take this and suck it up”. So I did. Before you know it I was so focused and bouncing off the walls with energy and work-related enthusiasm. It was fabulous. These little shots of love never worked for me in the past. As a recovering Monster addict, that bit of caffeine didn’t register with me in the slightest. I still drink coffee every morning but I gave up my afternoon Monster fix about two years ago. The Monsters worked, for a while, until they didn’t, and history repeated itself with the 5 Hour Energy shots. All the sudden last Friday it made me feel sick, and even more tired, if you can believe that.

Long story short, I’m off the juice (for the most part…)! I still have a few “5 Hour Powers”, as I lovingly refer to them as, left over and will definitely tap into my supply if need be. But I felt WAY better this week just chugging water all afternoon instead in lieu of additional caffeine consumption.  

Anywho, short week! I love short weeks!! As you read this I’m Chicago bound with two of my best girls for one last hoorah before Ashley moves to California! First stop, Little Goat. Next stop, heaven! I love Chicago so much and I can’t wait to spend an entire weekend pretending I’m a permanent resident!

{I mean, isn't’ this purse is just perfection?!}

{fun notebooks to keep my list-making inspired}

{cozy, yet open, work space that was just built this week; I’ve basically declared it mine}

{just look at this little wooden gem I picked up at the flea market on Sunday; which was originally meant for the new bathroom, but I believe has found its home right by the fireplace, housing countless issues of SELF, Bon Appetite and InStyle}

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