Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five!

{TEXAS BABY! This restaurant, supposedly a great partner to our new division, was home to one of the best meals I've ever had}

Happy August, Ya’ll! This week I’ve been in good old Texas on business. To my pleasant surprise, the week actually flew! I can’t believe it’s already almost the weekend and I’m packing up my hotel room/getting ready for a half day in our Houston office/typing my Friday Five! I had so much fun getting to know our new division, exploring a little bit of Texas, and getting out of the Grand Rapids office for a few days.

I love business trips (to a certain extent of course). I always feel that being out in the field gives me a fresh new perspective on my entire job and the nature of my industry. It’s a nice reminder of the big picture, and truly what our ultimate goal is, servicing the customer!

Alright, enough business talk!

This weekend I look forward to some R& R on the boat and getting settled back into our fabulous Michigan summer (although given this week’s funky weather at home, I hope that boating is still in the cards). There is no better time to be in The Mitten State than right now (normally)!

{i got my stride back this week! the torture device worked}

{the worlds best bar mix + daily night-cappers in the hotel}

{Texas stars EVERYWHERE}

{downtown fun at the Astros game!}

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