Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Five!

{peaceful summer mornings at the office}

I love it when I have multiple evening activities planned to break the week up. Sometimes it’s nice to be home and just enjoy being lazy, but other times, I really do enjoy being on the go constantly. This week was the latter. I had plans nearly every night and it really motivated me to give the workday my all. Last week was an extremely productive and rewarding week, and all I hoped was to continue that momentum into this week. It’s nice to say I succeeded.

This weekend is relatively low in plans. Boating would be a welcome relief from the humidity, but hanging around the house sounds fun too. Either way, I will thoroughly enjoy lazily relaxing this weekend away, regardless of where it is... 

{a macaroon a day keeps the doctor away}

{brightened up a rainy Tuesday with pastel pants}

{cool label on a new beer}

{touch more metal added to the office}

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