Sunday, August 31, 2014

Instagram Life – August 2014

This month was a whirlwind! The month started with my trip home from Houston, followed by 2 weekends spent lounging on a boat or by Lake Michigan, a weekend trip to Chicago, even more boating and a ton of home renovations. It was a great month with a perfect balance of summertime relaxation and summertime trips. They say August is the end of summer, but from where I stand, we still have another solid month before I’m ready to give into Fall. Even though College football has officially started, I’m not ready to stow away my Michigan State shorts quite yet. They still have a few more wears in them.

September brings just as much promise as August had. The month is kicked off with a wedding weekend in Traverse City, followed by some good old outdoor Grand Rapids fun, a quick Sunday 5k, and a long weekend trip to NEW ORLEANS! I don’t want to wish the rest of summer away, but I can hardly wait to see my sister, David Gray and beignets!!

** Boating with Babies. Always
** Lake Michigan
** Flea Market Sunday
** I made great strides in my main work project this month. Hard work pays off
** I took time to unwind and read a couple books
** Happy Hours are always a must for the Maxey’s
** CHICAGO! Sushi at Slurpling Turtle
** Words of wisdom from the Funky Buddha
** Michigan State Football season is upon us ladies & gentlemen! Spartans for Life <3

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