Monday, August 25, 2014

Eataly - Chicago

While in Chicago two weekends ago we stopped by Eataly, a department store sized food market, complete with 9 restaurants, their very own beer, a wine section, meats to die for, rows upon rows of pasta and so much more. Did I mention their whole first floor (yes, you heard me, multiple floors!) is made up of desserts? Yes. The Nutella bar was so good it made me want to cry, I tried three different kinds of gelato during my visit (pistachio was my favorite), and they have a walk up Batista bar. This place is out of this world.

Ohh Eataly. What can I say? I want to move in! Like literally, I would move my bed into a spare corner, either by the cheese section or the Nutella bar. This place really makes you appreciate quality goods, whether it’s the ingredients you use to make your meals, the soap you buy or the wine you drink. Everything is top notch.

If I didn't really want to visit Italy before, I do 10 times more now. I can’t wait for a European adventure!!  

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