Saturday, November 30, 2013

Instagram Life – November Edition

November had its share of ups and downs. But, I always try to see the positives and remember all the good. November was Max and my first official FULL month being married! We attended Michigan vs. Michigan State football tailgating festivities, I took in a show in Detroit, we took advantage of a couple free weekends with some much needed down time, caught up with friends, embraced the cold Michigan weather (I fear Winter is here to stay), and kicked off the 2013 holiday season!

December, I am looking forward to even more down time, starting my Winter Bucket list, celebrating the holidays, attending our last wedding of the year, and daydreaming about cocktail sipping and long beach walks on our honeymoon in January!

Granny & Grandpa wedding picture! We love and miss them both so much!

The Fillmore was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back someday soon

Victory for MSU!

$3 Sunday bloody bar… we’re there! Often…

Protein Bars & Coffee to fuel up for grueling month 2 of the Insanity Challenge

Frances Jaye event in Holland

Sunday. Enough said…

PUNCHING BAG = Megan’s Anger Management

Brewery Bar Crawl with the rents... starting with here and then moving on to here and here

Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Five!

{hot fire while watching the Lions dominate the Packers yesterday (thanks Granny)}

This week, though a short one, was extremely productive. Both in work and in personal endeavors. It’s weeks like this that make getting up on Monday morning’s not quite to bad…

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The first one without my grandparents. Not easy. But sitting around the table reminiscing on all the good times, funny memories and long stories made it seem like they were there. I feel so lucky that we got to spend so many memorable holidays with the amazing Paul & Rosemary Haserodt.

The rest of the weekend, I’m excited to see the new Hunger Games movie, research prints for the gallery wall, brainstorm Christmas gift ideas, check out some new brew pubs downtown Kalamazoo, sift through Christmas decorations, and maybe bake some cookies! ‘Tis the season my friends and loved ones.  

Friday Forte: Latch (feat. Sam Smith) – Disclosure (makes me want to dance… the fast-slow kind – listen, you’ll get it)

{got one of our wedding video's back last week... watched it a ton! you can too here}

{Night before Thanksgiving reunion… a blast every year}

{punching bag is installed! Don’t mind the messiness of our back storage room – it’s a work in progress}

{letter from the President Obama & the First Lady congratulating us on our wedding – GALLERY WALL}

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Night Out at Frances Jaye

Last Thursday, I was invited to a fabulous “holiday” inspired night out at a boutique in Holland, Frances Jaye. Tieka, of SelectivePotential, collaborated with the owners of Frances Jaye and together, they put on a really fun event, filled with wine, cupcakes, shopping and talking fashion. I brought Jenny along to enjoy the evening with me J

As a Thank You for attending, we were all given 10% of our entire purchase. The boutique had so many unique pieces of clothing to offer, I had a hard time sifting through the racks and deciding what I DIDN'T want to try on. Jenny and I had a blast putting on our own fashion show in the dressing room! But in the end, I ended up purchasing some leather shorts. Completely practical I might add. No, seriously! I've already worn them twice, with tights, bulky sweaters, and booties. They are really easy to dress up as well as down. I can’t wait to incorporate them into more seasonal options throughout the year.

All in all, the event was a huge success, and it was great catching up with Tieka! 

{if only I could pull this off}

{they didn't have those shoes in my size! tear}



{at the register... I love checking out with amazing finds...}

{see... totally practical}

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things to Be Happy About

Life is a beautiful thing. In the midst of daily craziness, we often forget to stop and appreciate the littlest things that the world has to offer. I mean ANYTHING. From a hot steamy cup of coffee on a brisk morning, to appreciating the smell of the first snowfall, to your favorite new skirt, and beyond.

I used to keep a book with me at all times, 14,000 Things to be Happy About (you can tell it looks a little worn...). This book would cheer me up when I was down, make Jenny and I laugh under the covers after watching yet another scary movie, or give me inspirations for… something (hello, wallpapering the ceiling… sounds kinda fun!).

So, let's start off Thanksgiving week right, shall we?? Here is a list of things that truly make me happy (and that you could say, I'm thankful for):

-          The first snowfall (although, I prefer if it’s in December)
-          Mini pumpkins (pumpkin anything in general)
-          Lime tostidos
-          Making lists
-          HOLIDAYS!
-          Airplane rides
-          New purses
-          Changing leaves
-          Champagne toasts
-          FaceTiming with my sister
-          Packages in the mail
-          Exploring new cities and old hangouts
-          Brew City USA!
-          Halloween candy
-          Fresh manicures (with seasonal colors)
-          Tall boots w. cozy socks
-          S’mores
-          Max pretending to be a cat
-          Netflix
-          Handstand contests
-          Organizing Skittles into color categories
-          No plans on a rainy day
-          Boat rides
-          Rose petal bubble baths
-          Blog reading
-          Coffee under the comforter
-          Fireworks
-          White Russians
-          New playlists
-          Dallas Green
-          H&M

Ok, so there are so many more, I’m sure. But you get the point. I’d love to know, what are some things that truly bring a smile to your face?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday Five!

{amazing night in Holland with Tieka (and other bloggers) at a Frances Jaye event – more to come on this} 

Yay for this week! It was a good one. Productive, accomplished and happy.

I signed up for my first 10K! Ahh. I did this for multiple reasons: 1) keep up on the running, 2) start something new after the Insanity Challenge is over, 3) stay in shape, 4) a fun Saturday with a friend, 5) Say that I ran a 10K.

Our honeymoon tickets are booked! I owe it all to Max. He kept telling me to be patient, but I was freaking out because the trip is a measly two months away. So soon! TOO close not to have flights booked. But low and behold, the kid was right. We ended up getting the perfect non-stop flights at the right time for a STEAL! I keep wondering if there is a catch somewhere… 

I would love to continue my productivity from this week into the weekend and checking some more things off the Fall Bucket List. Maybe I’ll take a stab at Cheddar Jalapeño Cornbread!

{City & Colour treasures – to be framed and hung as part of the gallery wall}

{I’m going to try my best to balance cute & cozy this Winter as opposed to my typical uniform that resembles the abominable snow man}

{if H&M can have deer heads as seasonal décor, I guess I can to… (would love this for the guest room)}

{safari shirt!}

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Circuit Training – Session 11

Along with the Insanity challenge, I am starting a new trend I REALLY want to stay on track with. I've been strictly focusing on cardio for the past month or so, which is great, but I used to work my abs out so much that with not doing that anymore, I’m seeing a decline in those muscles. NOT COOL! Especially with the past 2 months of weddings and festivities, I haven’t been eating/drinking the healthiest! My plan to get that back on track is underway!!

The series you see below is the Ab Ripper video from P90X. This is my favorite ab workout to date. You really feel the burn! My goal is to complete this 3 times per week (at least up until Mexico in January)! Hey it’s only 15 minutes, so should be easy-peasy, right? One week in, so far so good!
Take a look at this link for the a video of the whole thing! 

  1. In & Out (25 reps)
  2. Seated Bycicle (25 reps)
  3. Reverse Seated Bycicle (25 reps)
  4. Seated Crunchy Frog (25 reps)
  5. Wide Leg Sit-Ups (25 reps)
  6. Fifer Scissors (25 reps)
  7. Hip Rock n’ Raise (25 reps)
  8. Pulse Up (25 reps)
  9. Roll-Up V-Up combo (25 reps)
  10. Oblique V-up (25 reps per side)
  11. Leg Climb (25 reps)
  12. Mason Twist (50 reps – both sides counts as one)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Robinettes Apple Haus 2013

I swear I’m going to have a Robinette’s feature every Fall. I just love it too much. The wine tasting, the bakery, the apples, the bread and the overall joy that these little outings bring! Now that I know it’s open all year long (how did I NOT know this) I plan on dragging Max back this Winter to take some pictures of the beautiful white snow. Something I fear will not be an issue this coming season due to the snowfall we've already seen. Not to mention, if we need refuge away from the cold, there is always hot cocoa inside, and our Robinette’s wine glasses to take back for free tastings anytime we want!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friday Five!

{Granny & Grandpa’s pendulum clock – some of the best childhood memories I have is spending time with my grandparents. They were both so loving, so inspirational, so spirited, and so in love their family. I am so grateful to have this in my home forever}

This week has been surreal. Kind of going through the motions, but not really enjoying anything… here’s to getting back to my old self. It’s a new year (at GFS), the holiday season is upon us and I would love nothing more than a fresh start.  I am in full organization mode, and even more nesting into the house. Staying busy is helping me feel in control. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but every little update that is made truly brings me joy and happiness.

Well, today is opening day for gun season. Means absolutely nothing to me except that it’s girls weekend J I’ll be a “deer widow”, a term I was taught when Max and I first started dating and I had to fend for myself and spend weekends with ladies who’s guys also decided they would rather be married to the wilderness (side note: Max is cute and swears that he’s only married to one thing, but his mistress is the wilderness). Either way, it will be nice to unwind. I plan on organizing more (it’s an obsession), all the while indulging in Cider mimosas, playing with Baby Dominic and Abby, movie marathons and homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Friday Forte: On Forgetting – Jeff Pianki (played at Pyramid Scheme a few weeks ago and I missed it!! Beautiful) 

{yoga! oh it’s been too long}

{I've been watching the City and Colour videos from the concert in Detroit non-stop! Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload them to Blogger, but regardless, it has certainly made me happy this week!}


{newspaper tray that has found a home in the foyer}