Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things to Be Happy About

Life is a beautiful thing. In the midst of daily craziness, we often forget to stop and appreciate the littlest things that the world has to offer. I mean ANYTHING. From a hot steamy cup of coffee on a brisk morning, to appreciating the smell of the first snowfall, to your favorite new skirt, and beyond.

I used to keep a book with me at all times, 14,000 Things to be Happy About (you can tell it looks a little worn...). This book would cheer me up when I was down, make Jenny and I laugh under the covers after watching yet another scary movie, or give me inspirations for… something (hello, wallpapering the ceiling… sounds kinda fun!).

So, let's start off Thanksgiving week right, shall we?? Here is a list of things that truly make me happy (and that you could say, I'm thankful for):

-          The first snowfall (although, I prefer if it’s in December)
-          Mini pumpkins (pumpkin anything in general)
-          Lime tostidos
-          Making lists
-          HOLIDAYS!
-          Airplane rides
-          New purses
-          Changing leaves
-          Champagne toasts
-          FaceTiming with my sister
-          Packages in the mail
-          Exploring new cities and old hangouts
-          Brew City USA!
-          Halloween candy
-          Fresh manicures (with seasonal colors)
-          Tall boots w. cozy socks
-          S’mores
-          Max pretending to be a cat
-          Netflix
-          Handstand contests
-          Organizing Skittles into color categories
-          No plans on a rainy day
-          Boat rides
-          Rose petal bubble baths
-          Blog reading
-          Coffee under the comforter
-          Fireworks
-          White Russians
-          New playlists
-          Dallas Green
-          H&M

Ok, so there are so many more, I’m sure. But you get the point. I’d love to know, what are some things that truly bring a smile to your face?

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