Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday Five!

{amazing night in Holland with Tieka (and other bloggers) at a Frances Jaye event – more to come on this} 

Yay for this week! It was a good one. Productive, accomplished and happy.

I signed up for my first 10K! Ahh. I did this for multiple reasons: 1) keep up on the running, 2) start something new after the Insanity Challenge is over, 3) stay in shape, 4) a fun Saturday with a friend, 5) Say that I ran a 10K.

Our honeymoon tickets are booked! I owe it all to Max. He kept telling me to be patient, but I was freaking out because the trip is a measly two months away. So soon! TOO close not to have flights booked. But low and behold, the kid was right. We ended up getting the perfect non-stop flights at the right time for a STEAL! I keep wondering if there is a catch somewhere… 

I would love to continue my productivity from this week into the weekend and checking some more things off the Fall Bucket List. Maybe I’ll take a stab at Cheddar Jalapeño Cornbread!

{City & Colour treasures – to be framed and hung as part of the gallery wall}

{I’m going to try my best to balance cute & cozy this Winter as opposed to my typical uniform that resembles the abominable snow man}

{if H&M can have deer heads as seasonal décor, I guess I can to… (would love this for the guest room)}

{safari shirt!}

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