Monday, November 11, 2013

Rosemary Clara Huston Haserodt

My Granny, Rosemary Huston Haserodt.

I will never forget COUNTLESS hours of card games. War, Hearts, Uno, Gin Rummy, Solitare. Anything. Everything. I’ll never forget her telling me to come out of the pool because I was blue or that I was diving too close to the diving to board. I’ll never forget watching the Thorn Birds (the movie I was named after) with her over and over. I’ll never forget her letting me eat dry cereal out of a cup. Or hosting pool parties that would put celebrities to shame. I’ll never forget cookie decorating. I’ll never forget any of it.

So smart. So beautiful. So full of life. This woman loved her 5 o’clock cocktail, loved champagne on Sunday’s, loved Christmas (stocking time mostly), loved Thanksgiving dinner, loved reading (everything), loved academia, loved Cheetos (and potato chips and chocolate), loved the sun, loved South Haven, loved sunsets, loved Bridge, loved Lions Football, loved Iowa, loved traveling, loved journaling. But above all she loved her friends and family, and her husband,  more than anything else in this world.

She is with me, and my family, always. 
Now she is with Grandpa, and I know they are looking over us, happy and in love. Forever.


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