Monday, November 4, 2013

Domestic Daydreaming III

{my dreams of a white fireplace may actually come true!!}

Now that we are settling into our home, the daydreaming has skyrocketed. I have so many ideas for projects and renovations to do between now and next Spring. The littlest renovation to our house is an adventure right now. I find myself getting giddy over things as small as a fun hung picture or fresh flowers in the middle of our custom built table, or things as big as how we want to re-do the upstairs bathroom or repaint the master bedroom (both of which we’re not 100% in agreement on…). So, here are some (more realistic) images that are driving me to make our home all that it can be!

I’ll be back soon with Domestic Daydreaming – Landscaping Edition J You might find this all boring, but that’s ok. I LOVE having a place to store all of these ideas I have for the home. They keep me inspired, motivated, and excited, all the while creating an archive that I can refer back to soon and for years to come. 

Images found via my Pinterest board  "o u r   n e w   h o m e"

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