Friday, August 28, 2015

52 Hand Lettered – August Recap

“a line from a movie” = 
“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life”
I’m more of a TV person J This quote is from One Tree Hill and it’s just always resonated with me.

“words to encourage” = Thank You.
I’m always more motivated and empowered and encouraged when I know my efforts are truly appreciated. Simple thank you’s are so important and truly go a long way. I’m living proof of that.

“three things I can’t live without” = 1. Sunshine, 2. Chips, 3. My people
Not much else needed in life (note: it took every ounce of my being not to put down “iPhone”…I believe that in due time I will grow out of my social media addiction…)

“favorite way to spend the weekend” = wandering
I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory given my mantra of the 2015

“lyrics that remind me of High School” = Rollin’ with the Homies

Maybe it’s because I’ve had this movie stuck in my head for the past month, but yeah. Clueless (who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary (20!!!), and all aspects of it, remind me of High School.

Friday Five!

{bye bye Europe… walking through the terminal in Paris…}

I still have jet lag. And I’m kind of confused which day it is… but my calendar tells me to post my Friday Five! So post it I shall!!

I got back home Tuesday evening (late), tried to get my head on straight Wednesday before Thursday, when I had my long awaited presentation…. Which we didn’t even finish! Apparently I just have too much to say J But the hardest part is behind me which feels great!

And now it’s the weekend. Again… This weekend will be spent in a cabin celebrating a pretty awesome bachelorette!

Friday Forte:

{part of the gallery wall surrounding our TV in Barcelona}

{cookie surprise from Max}

{last European meal… GELATO! Seemed appropriate}

{loved unpacking and remembering the countless new outfits purchased while abroad}

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Leavin’ on Jet Plane

In just a few short hours my Mom and I leave for our two week EUROPEAN VACATION!

During this time, I’ll be taking a vacation from blogging as well.
But never fear… I have my fearless counterpart to hold down the fort while I’m away!

Au revoir!


image via

Monday, August 10, 2015

52 Hand Lettered – July Recap

“my dream project” = follow City and Colour around the World
I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine anything better than that! Combining my love of travel and music (and I mean… Dallas Green…SWOON!)

“my current/future/dream business or blog name” = Chat Clink Repeat
This one speaks for itself. So much love for our little slice of ciber space.

“my life’s tag line” = dream, carpe diem, wanderlust, love
No one said I had to pick just one… why can’t my life be more than one tagline? I choose all of the above because I possess all of the above inside me. I AM all of the above J

“the greatest feeling in the world” = inspiration
I mean really... Inspiration can mean so many things to so many people! You can be inspired by anything and everything around you… love, music, food, family, travel, work. As long as you feel that drive and excitement inside, it’s pretty great. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five!

{West Elm Pop-Up event in Breton Village}

This week is a blur. I feel like it was just the weekend, but then Monday feels so long ago all at the same time. Do you ever have weeks like that? Well, I seem to be having them more and more, especially the past few months. Time is just passing by so fast! I guess that’s summer…

Tonight Max and I are spending the evening at the Kalamazoo Rib Fest. I haven’t been to a downtown Kalamazoo festival in a few years and am looking forward to the beer, entertainment and laid back atmosphere.

Friday Forte: 

{chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich (with sprinkles!) from a local creamery}

{cute safari touch from a baby shower last weekend}

{in Paris we wear black... hats}

{happy hour & live music at the downtown market with Jenny to break the madness that was this week}

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trail Point Brewing – Family & Friends Opening!

This past weekend we went to the opening of some family friends new Brewery inAllendale, right outside Grand Valley State University. I am beyond impressed with this brewery! Max and I have been to our fair share and must say that this is one of the coolest brand new (mom and pop type) that we’ve seen.

They had a “Family & Friends” opening before opening to the public nad it was a fun couple of hours basking in their accomplishment. We wish Liz and Jeff (and all the owners) all the best in this new venture! Max and I definitely think it’s something special J

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Instagram Life – July 2015

July was absolutely incredible! When I looked at the calendar in early June I saw many holes in July. This excited me. I had plenty of time to work on my Summer Bucket List J I spent all month working tirelessly to get ahead at work and get ahead on my summer to do list. I’m happy to report that I succeeded. Productivity professionally is definitely important, but personal productivity is just as important. Isn’t it a great feeling when you can do both?!

** #bbg life. Finished round 1 of Kayla Itsines and look forward to starting round 2 when back in the States
** Loved our trip to the zoo to kick off 4th of July weekend! (Check)
** Holiday boating is my favorite kind of boating
** Enjoyed my string lights A LOT this month (Check)
** Hosted the 14th monthly Wine Club
** Had an absolutely incredible time in Chicago! (Check) Can’t wait for my next visit in November!
** Celebrated 5 years since Max won his Jeep! (I should probably tell you guys that story sometime….)
** My first experience with Movies in the Park. Definitely one of my new favorite summer activities! (Check)
** Major crank time at work in preparation for being out what feels like all of August!

IT’S FINALLY AUGUST! This might be my most memorable month to date! In a little over a week I’ll be in Venice. The first stop on my first trip to Europe! Once back in Michigan I have a huge presentation that I’ve been preparing for all summer, followed by a Bachelorette weekend in a cabin on a lake! And then poof, it’s September. Wow…