Friday, July 17, 2015

Around Bellewood – Beer Garden (& Wine Club #14!)

Two years after moving into our house and we’re finally FINALLY doing something about the back yard, or as I like to call it, our Beer Garden. This project has been a long time coming and it’s in no way done, but baby steps J Last weekend Max and I hung the beautiful string lights I’ve been daydreaming about since we moved in. Since I lost last month at Wine Club, I had to host this month. This gave us the perfect excuse to get our butt in gear and make the backyard space a little more homey, and closer to what we envision down the road.

We hung the string lights on Saturday, and just my luck, Monday we were hit with not one, but TWO torrential downpours, aggressive winds and the threat of tornadoes. GREAT!! Luckily, Max, being the handyman he is, reinforced the lights very well! Those suckers stayed put and after all was said and done, looked awesome for Wine Club (Sangria themed!) last week!! Max even had the great idea of staining the staircase for a little something extra! I could not believe how much it changed the space! I’m in love and I can’t wait to do more!!

Our efforts paid off and the backyard was a perfect place to host Wine Club. The weather was beautiful and the company even more so! Each and every sangria I tasted I gave the highest honor… a 5! What can I say, I really did love them all! Most were homemade recipes that I will have to try out sometime. I was not so creative and played it safe, but I’m thinking another sangria party is in my future!!

Clink to sangria, summer and string lights!

{stained steps!!}

 {image via Brave Girl!}

 {image via Brave Girl!}

{image via Brave Girl!} 

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  1. Meggie! I'm so excited for you that you finally (FINALLY) have lights up in your back yard! Nice timing, too, for Wine Club. Everything (including your sweet ass) looks amazing. Another successful night in the books! xo -c