Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Last Saturday was a truly beautiful day celebrating a truly amazing couple. Sara and Will’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous and an amazing walk down High School memory lane. Happy Day all around!

The ceremony was held in a gorgeous chapel on the K-College campus, where we used to drive around, blasting music from our cars and randomly stopping to walk around and participate in other general shenanigans. What can I say; there isn’t much to do when you’re that age. The reception was then held Rose Street Market, where our Senior Prom was hosted. I haven’t been back since and it was crazy the rush of memories I had in the venue. To top things off, the day was full of former Kalamazoo Central ’04 graduates. It was so great catching up with everyone and reliving some fantastic memories.

It was a fantastic day in my hometown and a perfect way to spend a summer Saturday.

Cheers to the happy couple!! 

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