Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five!

{starting to carefully consider clothes for the long trek overseas}

Due to a little too much Saturday-Funday, Monday (yes... two day recovery is the new norm once you approach 30!) got off to a rocky start. I left my badge at home, requiring me to run all the way around the building (it’s quite a large building) to be let in, once settled with my coffee I came to realize that my computer crashed and required the help of IT. Then I broke a mirror. I mean who ACTUALLY breaks a mirror when they are already having a not-so-fabulous morning… to be honest, I laughed at that. But then I stopped cause I am kinda superstition… anyway back to the point. The week started off rocky. But then I prevailed! Aside from a few minor anxiety attacks here and there, this week was great. 

And then I watched this and it got even greater!

Long story short, I have a BILLION and a half things to do before I leave in a week and a half… 11 DAYS! But hey, that's always the case, amiright?! Everyone is busy busy busy blah blah blah. There are always reasons why “now it is not the right time”, but it’s like enough! I’m ready to start doing.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend and checking things off the to-do list!

Friday Forte: 
Nutshell – City and Colour
(OMG if I could download this song anywhere I would… I listened to Dallas Green's remake of the Alice In Chains song on repeat this past weekend probably 100 times. Absolutely incredible!)

{a new hidden taco shack just South of downtown}

{homeade salsa & grilled shrimp under the string lights and into the late night! perfect date night}

{new favorite shirt that absolutely rang true a couple of times this week}

{obsessed with this mint waffle robe… matches the shower curtain J}

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  1. I need that black LS Tee bad this week, girl! xo