Tuesday, July 14, 2015

52 Hand Lettered Project – June Recap

Sorry guys… got a little behind on posting this!

“happiness is” = Chicago
(perfect given my weekend plans)
Maybe it’s because all I can think about lately is getting out of town and into the city, but Chicago has been on my mind A TON the past month. I am planning a weekend down there this weekend and CAN NOT WAIT. The city has always been my happy place. My place of inspiration and joy.

“winter love list”
This pretty much speaks for itself…while I don’t want to think about winter time right now, this love list are always a source of happiness and things I look forward to ever holiday season

“the last amazing meal I ate”
Max is a great cook, and while this meal in no way showcases his talents, there just something about a fresh summer meal eaten al fresco.

“life lately” = summer lovin’
Summer is in full swing in the Mitten and I could not be more content.

“words to live by” = live free & love yourself

There is nothing better than truly living your life to the fullest. Be you. Live how you want to live. Be kind and be open. But more than anything love you. Love who you are and what you represent. Be free. 

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