Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Five!

{the most perfect wall mural Reserve}

Over the winter I typically fall into a week day rut, where I never have evening plans. When I go to work, it’s dark. When I leave work, it’s dark. So once the work day is over, I simply want to get home and cuddle under my heated blanket. Winter hibernation if you will. It’s so refreshing that daylight is lasting all the way until 10pm these days and the warm weather is simply pushing us out the door to enjoy nature, friends and the season. Early in the week, I was going through some of post holidays blues, and the plans I had I place multiple evenings made the work days this week seem less daunting. Something to look forward to. I’ll have to try and remember this come the colder months as it truly does make the week fly by. 

Friday Forte:

{perfect fresh gnocchi}

{colorful tribal print on a mid week excursion}

{caught up with my yogi friend for a quick happy hour}

{fun additions to my shoe collection}

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