Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Boating in the City – My ABSOLUTE Happy Place

It’s official. If I had my way of choosing anything I wanted to do (within reason) on any given day I would go boating on the Chicago River. It was absolutely breathtaking. We all know Meg loves big buildings, but this took it to another level. I was mentally calculating how many years it would take for me to save the money for a down payment on one of the condos. The answer is “more years than I’ll be on this Earth”, but still a girl can dream!

The thing is, I don’t remember a lot of the history that I was discussed on the tour…. Sad I know. I promise I was listening, but I was also staring. Could. Not. Stop. Staring. I was stunned at the immensity of this city. I’ve visited so many times, but never have I had a greater appreciation of Chicago than I did in those 90 minutes.

One cool thing I did learn from Chicago’s First Lady is roughly what decade different structures were build based on their make-up. I mean, I knew this had to be the case, and it all makes sense when it’s laid out in front of you. The Tribune for example, with its beautiful gothic features, is from the 20’s, the era of the “Historic Revival”, while the Willis Tower is referred to as “Midcentury Modern”, built in the 70’s.

I was also ecstatic to learn that Lake Point Tower, the beautiful building right between Lake Shore Drive and Navy Pier, the place that holds some of my most amazing childhood memories, was not technically supposed to be built in the location that it stands. Buildings that close to the lakefront were prohibited, but somehow the project managers were able to come up with a loop hole to continue the project when it was being built in the 60’s. The city has since made this ordinance rock solid and no other buildings of that stature are to be that close to the lakefront… or really on the lakefront at all for that matter.

I can not wait to go on another one of these tours! There is never enough time to learn as much as there is to learn about Chicago!

{300 S. Wacker.... with a map of the Chicago River painted on the outside....}

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