Saturday, March 28, 2015

Little of this...little of that...

Well, March came and went, didn't it? I was just looking at pictures of the family in Florida, longing to be with my sis again, and I realized that it's been over a month since my parents had to pry us free from the death grip that held us together so I could get on the plane back home. That part never gets easier. (Some day sis...some day...).

So, I landed back in NOLA and was off, once again, resuming the daily rush that makes my weeks merrily fly by.

Here's what I've been up to in my absence.

-A little decorating...We had protraits made of the pups. Cutsom framing job and strategically hung over the new vintage French bar cart in the dining room. Plus, bonus, we found an antique market poster from India one day while walking through the French Quarter. One look at this print and you'll know why we had to get it.

-A little winning...The Whole Life Challenge wrapped up in mid March and my husband and I tied for the WIN! The visit to Florida did sent me back a few nutritiional points, but other things held hubby back, which helped me catch up to his lead. People at work now know not to mess with The U's.

-A little induldging...Now having free reign over whatever I want to consume, I headed to Starbucks and ordered a cappuccino...milk and all. Followed by a cafe au lait. My two favorite coffee bevs aside from my usual black. Frothy & filling & delicious. And then let's not forget the wine. My wine is what I missed the most those long 8 weeks.

-A little gardening...Warm weather is finally here to stay. We've spent nearly every weekend in our backyard plucking, pruning and planning for this spring's improvements. I can't wait to share more of what we've started.

-A little parading...St. Patrick's Day comes just in time to catch the falling spirits of New Orleanians who can't accept that Mardi Gras is over. In the Irish Channel (our old neighborhood), locals can enjoy one last parade. the floats are nothing like Carnival season, but the scene is the same: Magazine Street lines with tailgating chairs, blankets & ladders...coolers brimming with booze, barbeque sizzling, crawfish boiling and more unnecessary junk flying through the air toward anyone who's begging for it ("Throw me something, mister!!"]. It's beautiful. Many people who live here prefer this parade to the large scale MG. Personally I'm indifferent. As long as the weather is nice and my friends are there, it's all the same to me.

-A little [more] running...There's been some very interesting weather patterns, causing me to pause and take snapshots of the scenery on my runs. I'm not currently registered for any races, but do plan to fit in at least two 5Ks before the season is over. For now, I'm really enjoying my own flexible agenda.

-A little reading...Thanks to the New York Times bestsellers list, I've discovered a new author I like. I've finished her newest one and am now ready to dig into another.

-A little QT with my babies [outside of course]...I can never get enough of these faces. They love their backyard!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Friday Five!

{March Wine Club Swag Bag}

This week was a good one… the week in between traveling. I reveled in cleaning my house (something that, despite my best intentions, I neglected to get even close to over the weekend), spent a relaxing evening reading a new library book in my corner and indulged in March Wine Club! It was a good few days :)

The only thing bumming me out is this weather! A mixture of rain (and snow in some areas), highs in the mid 30’s and clouds are not exactly what I had in mind for this time of year. Michigan needs to step up its game asap!

Tonight Michigan State plays in the Sweet Sixteen! So proud of my Spartans! I’m still flying high from our win this past weekend! Before that I’m toasting a friends engagement over prickly pear margaritas at Donkey (same as with Mom last Friday!). Sunday I’ll be traveling to Kalamazoo to celebrate another friends soon-to-be newest edition! Bring on the end of March!!

{more spray paint happiness… spiced up this end table for a little gold flare}

{took one from Courtney’s book and made some delish sweet & spicy nuts! They have been my favorite snack this week!!}

{a quick little stop at Nantucket Bakery made for happy snacks: chocolate & coconut macaroon + bacon & spinach focaccia}

{Grand Rapids graffiti in Midtown}

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Links… Lately IX

** 20 Secrets for shopping on Amazon

** Soon you’ll be able to wipe away your tattoo’s whaaaaaat?

** Peek into the thoughts on your website.

** 23 Fries you need to eat before you die

** 24 hours in Grand Rapids! (check out 24 hours in new Orleans here)

** Maybe I won’t have to get a fancy camera afterall. My new iPhone 6 will suffice!

** 13 maps of America worth bringing up at dinner parties

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Year…New Job… New Desk

So, remember this random Instagram post from December? I posted a pic of some spray paint action… well here’s why. One day, I was sitting at my desk and decided I was bored with its “stale” look. I wanted a change… something fresh that inspired me & motivated me on an everyday basis.  

Enter, well… gold. I Pinterest a lot. I read blogs a lot. I browse Instagram a lot. I see the trends. And the trend is gold. And white. And prettiness. I wanted it all. Changing your desk around is easy to do. So you can be radical and trendy. When you’re sick of it you can change it. I see gold all over the place. I used to hate gold. Now I can’t get enough. Done and done. Enter desk revamp.

Sooooo…  I spray painted. My stapler. My tape dispenser. My scissors. Everything. I purchased a fun new mug on a whim. I brought in a thrifted gold mirrored tray for beautiful trinkets. I wrapped my planter in twine. I had a ton of fun! I also threw in some inspirational quotes for good measure. Had to keep the Spartan flag. That wasn’t an option…

New year. New job. New desk 
(physically moved with the new job and all... closer to sunshine!)




Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Five!

{beautiful addition to the office}

This week I worked my first Food Show in 3 years. I forgot how much I love the busyness of this season. On the road every week (or every other week), working the show, strategizing with vendors, brainstorming with our sales force and ultimately serving the customer to grow my company. Weeks like this always fly by so quickly I don’t even know what hit me once the weekend rolls around. Catching up on laundry, cleaning and relaxing is definitely on agenda (along with finishing Serial… OBSESSED!), but not before a happy hour with my Mom at Donkey this evening. I've been craving their margaritas for weeks and figure today, the first day of Spring, would be perfect.

Happy Spring everyone!

{butterscotch oatmeal skillet cookie at Toasted Oak}

{fun restaurant display that I picture in a future man cave}

{St. Patrick’s Day treats!}

{morning parfait for the win}

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wedding Season: Detroit Bridal Shower

It shower season people! I have a few bridal and some little nugget showers to attend this Spring season. 

My first was this past weekend :)

This past weekend one of my best college buddies celebrated being a Bride-to-be at her shower in Plymouth, Michigan. She looked stunning in her navy blue dress with shower d├ęcor to match. The happy couple has deemed their wedding theme all things nautical. The event was decorated to the tee with navy blue, burlap and anchors. It was so much fun catching up with her and some college friends.

Since I’m not able to make her bachelorette party in April, I decided to stay the night in Plymouth so we could live it up like it was 2008. It also happened to be the day celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day were underway, as well as Pi Day (3.14.15)! The evening spent playing Sorry, drinking cocktails and raging at Kennedy's was everything I could have asked for. I miss that girl so much! Can’t wait for her and her groom to make their way to Grand Rapids so we can show them a good time on the West Side!

Congrats to the happy couple! Love you both!!