Monday, July 6, 2015

Instagram Life – June 2015

Is it really July? How did that happen so quick?! Even though the Michigan weather in June was less summer-like that I would have hoped, we ended on a sunny note and I see bright (and warm) days in the future!

** National Donut Day
** Positive Vibes really got me through this month!
** Spent a relaxing Sunday morning with SATC and fresh mimosas!
** I’m making it a point to eat the rainbow as often as possible!
** We launched our new blog layout! So in love still…
** Father’s Day in South Haven! (where they forget leave the salt off margs)
** Preparing to camp-out for the 4th!
** I was brought to tears of joy when this was announced. Finally! #lovewins
** Watched a beautiful couple finally tie the knot.

Even though the Michigan weather in June was less summer-like that I would have hoped, we ended on a sunny note and I see bright (and warm) days ahead! Even though the 4th is behind us, July still has so much excitement! I plan on searching out perfect vintage finds at the street market, spending a weekend in Chicago, hosting Wine Club #14 and visiting some of the Michigan lake shore! Happy summer everyone!  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Crescent Park--Phase II

[This is the only section the public could see throughout construction. 
The rest was a mystery...until this weekend]

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. Patiently waiting for nearly a year and a half for Crescent Park to finish its expansion--a continuation of the path that creates a direct shot to the French Quarter from my Bywater neighborhood -- allowing more time on the river while I run or walk the pups. Time spent on the water (along the Riverwalk promonade or the lake front) is not only beautiful, but also much cooler in these hot months.

Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, CP took down the barriers and revealed the second phase of this wonderful addition to our city. I've already been out there 3 times...with the pups, on a solo walk and, of course, on a leisurely 4-miler before drinks and fireworks.

Everyone should have a spot like this in their town, to use for alone time, reflection, and admiration of the place they call home.

[Piety Street Warf]


[Opening to the new section]

[Even closer views of the NOLA skyline] 

[New view of my 'hood, as seen from the staircase shown at the top of this post]

 [...and you can see the city from the other side. Looking down the steep staircase that now dumps us right at the base of Esplanade Ave.]

[I think the pups enjoyed the new park after they were doused with water]


[Look at that face: pure bliss]

[View from the swings at night]

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Five!

{gorgeous 8am run to kick off this holiday weekend!}

This week was short and sweet. My days were meeting free, allowing me the time to get super caught up on work, and the evenings were a perfect combination of productive and relaxing. I loved every bit of it!! Today Max and I are taking advantage of our day off and have a full summertime agenda planned. Tomorrow it’s boating time. All things Fourth of July & summer comin’ our way this weekend! Happy Birthday America!!

Friday Forte:

{check off the summer bucket list (on sale!}

{upping my ponytail game with some fun new accessories}

{midweek cheers action at Railtown {I PAID OFF MY CAR!!}

{got the best kind of lost in these woods}

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Last Saturday was a truly beautiful day celebrating a truly amazing couple. Sara and Will’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous and an amazing walk down High School memory lane. Happy Day all around!

The ceremony was held in a gorgeous chapel on the K-College campus, where we used to drive around, blasting music from our cars and randomly stopping to walk around and participate in other general shenanigans. What can I say; there isn’t much to do when you’re that age. The reception was then held Rose Street Market, where our Senior Prom was hosted. I haven’t been back since and it was crazy the rush of memories I had in the venue. To top things off, the day was full of former Kalamazoo Central ’04 graduates. It was so great catching up with everyone and reliving some fantastic memories.

It was a fantastic day in my hometown and a perfect way to spend a summer Saturday.

Cheers to the happy couple!!