Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five!

{pretty cupcake design for 4th of July pool party}

I had the fifth of July blues alllllll week. Last week was so much fun with Courtney and Hector in town, and with a long weekend to booth it was that much harder to get back to the grind on Tuesday. Alas, here we are… another Friday with another weekend on the horizon. YAY!

Tonight the women’s gymnastics Olympic trials are on! GO TEAM USA!! The rest of the weekend will be spent beating the summer heat. Whether that means, beach, staying in or embracing the patio is yet to be seen…


Friday Forte: 
(this is for you. Court :))

{more landscaping... mulberry trees bite the dust}

{been OBSESSED with these Bandier pants for months now and they finally went on sale!}

{another follow-up appointment with the vet this afternoon... crossing my fingers that the staples come out and my fur baby is once again free to run with the wind}

{inspired from last weekend, an impromptu add to my cat paraphernalia collection}

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