Sunday, June 29, 2014

Instagram Life – June 2014

June went by so fast! I feel like I was JUST in New York for Memorial Day weekend, and here we are almost celebrating the 4th of July! Between traveling, downtown festivals, and family vacations, the summer is going by way too fast! It’s time to slow down…

My month of July is fairly open. Besides a wedding this weekend there isn’t much set in stone, which is fine with me!  I’m sure it will fill up soon enough, but I’d like to think there is some time that will be dedicated to landscaping. This past winter was brutal on some bushes in front and back of our house. I’m ready for a fresh start with nice bushes, maybe some flowers. Not too much to ask right?!

Here’s what my June looked like in Instagram land:

-         The amount of steps taken in one day in NYC
-          Company picnic day – double decker cookies all around
-          Friday nights in Eastown, starting here.
-          Exploring the downtown market one lazy Sunday
-          Minus the Bear was incredible!
-          TBT to my Bridal Shower last year… it’s crazy how BUSY last year was compared to now, yet I still feel busy…
-          South Haven lounging is one of my summer favs
-          Sunset

-          Tegan and Sara!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday Five!

{reading on the patio at sunset}

This week started off great. A little wet, but great! The family vacation was extremely relaxing, and even though the last two days were spent avoiding the rain, I still loved playing cards, and bar hopping. It probably did me some good being out of the sun anyway due to frying myself the first two days (definitely not enough SPF). Seeing Courtney has been the highlight of my week. I miss that crazy cat so much sometimes!!

The short work week flew by in a flash, but I’m definitely ready for another summertime weekend. Tonight I’m back out to the lake for one last hoorah (may be our last family reunion at the Harbours… stupid rules). I might stay a couple extra hours on the beach reading before heading back to get ready for Tegan and Sara at the Fred Meijer Gardens Amphitheater Saturday night! I am making it my business to see as much music as I can this summer, and so far doing a good job!!

Have a great weekend!

{summer moments}

{mini blueberry cheesecakes, almost too cute to eat… almost}

{last minute trip to East Lansing turned into a fun date night here}

{Eastown sidewalk sign reiterating that totes magotes is the best saying ever!}

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bathroom Inspiration

{this would be a great way to wake up!}

Since the master bedroom is sort of done (for now…), and the office has a fresh coat of paint (hopefully new desk & chair will one day complete the room), the next space on our tackle list is the upstairs/master bathroom. Max and I have so many ideas to really tie this space in to the rest of the house, i.e. matching the tile to the downstairs bathroom and incorporating some wood shelving to match other wood pieces around the house. We can’t wait to get started!

This renovation probably won’t happen until this Fall or Winter, but hey, a girl can dream early and dream big!

All images can be found on my Pinterest board here

Run on the Bayou 10K

Friday, June 20, 2014

Parliament the Boutique

One day, while perusing Have Company, I was talking to the owner who told me about another local boutique just down the street called Parliament the Boutique, who was known for their homemade leather good, and really friendly cat. Umm… local boutique with, most likely overpriced, homemade gifts, jewelry, purses, shoes and other gifts… and a cat to boot?! I was there in a Grand Rapids minute. 

I walked into the store on a day when there happened to be a walking tour of the area with students from a local arts college. It’s not a large shop, so I had no choice but to stand around and listen, but it was very educational. The store opened a few years ago in an effort to draw more “wholesome” crowds to the area that is historically known for its homeless population and drug deal occurrences. What’s now a classy brick and mortar boutique used to be a not-so-safe pawn shop (think Hardcore Pawn).

I must say, the area is really coming around! I would never have guessed that it was “known” for that type of activity. I love it! I can’t wait to go back and visit Amadeus the Cat (aka a descendant of Hobbes)!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Friday Five!

{words to live by, c/o Rebel Reclaimed}

As Rhianna would say, Cheers to the Freakin’ weekend!

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer! If you would have told me back in the dead of Winter that this day would EVER come I would have rolled my eyes and said I no longer believed in global warming and Michigan would be in a perpetual snow globe for the rest of time. But here I am. Wearing dresses and open toed sandals, ditching the coats and tights. I love it! My appreciation for summer this year is more than I’ve ever had before. It’s been crazy humid and hot and sticky, which resulted in some night time thunder storms (as well as torrential daytime downpours soaking me mid-day… cool), but I don’t care. I’ll never take you for granted again my beloved summer!!

I’m finally over whatever the hell it was I had the previous two weeks. This in itself is a blessing and came just in time for vacation! Tomorrow the whole famdam is heading to SOUTH HAVEN! We will be celebrating traditions that were started so many years ago, including, but not limited to grilling, sunset watching, euchre playing, beach lounging, pool swimming and pier walking, all the while celebrating the amazing life of Granny and Grandpa.

{totally getting on the Kimono train… pretty sure it can double as a beach cover up this weekend!}

{lost treasure I stumbled upon while “closet”, aka office, organizing this week… I love multi-functional accessories}

{Father’s Day relaxation in Kalamazoo}

{Kilwins fudge from Saugatuck to help with those post-yoga sweets cravings}

Wife of 4 Years, Baby!

I'm a happy, secure, loved & lucky wife. 

These are my 4 truths when it comes to my husband. Four emotions that have become constants for me in the 7 years we've been together.

We risked a lot to be together, and I truly believe that we work every day to honor how grateful we are that we're living the normal, simple life we always said we wanted. I still find myself in awe of the journey we've taken to get here, from 2007 to now.  I'm not dreaming!
He's really my husband! I'm so lucky.

I find him as weird as I find him normal. I find him as funny as I find him boring. He is as much like me as he is different.

I find him irresistibly good looking.

He is smart beyond reach, yet can remain as earthbound and adaptable as necessary in any setting.  He takes care of me.  He is patient with me. He gets me and somehow--inexplicably--I figured him out...but if it weren't for his declaration of love to me, we wouldn't be where we are today.  Thanks, babe.

Today I woke up next to the love of my life as he wished me a happy 4th wedding anniversary (he also threw Jackson on me to wake me of the many ways he shows love).

Add to the list that our wedding took place on a beautiful day in downtown Chicago! Does it get any better? It was such a fun day. The most relaxing wedding day we could have imagined.

He is truly an equal partner in life. Cheers to my husband!

{Night before wedding...getting excited}

{This was actually a big moment for us}

{Happy hot mess}