Monday, June 9, 2014

NOLA Cafes: Who Dat Coffee Cafe

June will mostly be a repeat of April for me in that my work days will look different. When the school buildings are free of teachers and students, yet you're a member of the CMO year-round staff, the location isn't as critical, as long as you're completing tasks. Starting at 8:30 or 9:00 is fine as long as you put in the hours. 

All teaching staff & school leaders will return to school on July 7 (and the students on July 21), which means I have just short of one month to:

-prepare curriculum scope & sequences for the new school year
-design unit & lesson plan templates to match said curricular trajectories

-(most importantly): prepare the professional learning sessions I'll hold for the network's PreK team for 4 of the 10 days of opening days of work. 

While my quest to find the perfect coffee shop in NOLA has not come to a close, I have found myself returning again and again to a spot only 6 blocks from my house, on my very own street, called Who Dat Coffee Cafe.  

Who Dat serves delicious coffee & espresso drinks, LARGE and yummy pastries, breakfast and lunch. They're truly a full cafe (not unlike Satsuma, which will be featured soon enough). 

One feature of Who Dat that I have not taken part in yet is their cocktail hour. They serve wine, beer and like to put a spirited twist on your favorite coffee drinks.  One in particular I'm looking forward to trying is their "Dirty Filthy Chai Tea"...for those of you who know about a dirty chai, which is chai tea latte with a shot of espresso, take that and stir it to perfection with a shot of Kahlua. Perfect compliment to a large homemade cookie or piece of chocolate cake after dinner. Hmmm!  

Keeping things sober during the work day, I've enjoyed the many cozy corners offered in the Who Dat Coffee Cafe while sipping--well, okay, gulping--strong hot coffee, banana nut bread and jumbo sugar cookies. In fact, I was there every day last week...and I believe the predictability of the space and the people made me more productive.

{My spot}

 Here's to a highly caffeinated & efficient June! Clink!

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