Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watermelon-Mint Juice

New Orleans has officially shown its true summer colors....and I'm not referring to the vibrant pinks and yellows of the hibiscus trees lining the gardens. The temperatures and accompanying humidity have turned this mild climate into something that is often difficult to bear. 

When the temperature rises, my  appetite often plummets, but with the amount of energy I've been burning to run, walk, bike, garden and play with Jackson and Apple, I need to replenish often.

Enter fresh citrus, crisp apples and refreshingly cool, drippy watermelon. Mix in a handful of home grown mint leaves and you've got a chilly blast of hydration that is sure to fill you up. 

Sometimes I'll add some zest but, to be perfectly honest, other than added nutrients, it doesn't seem to effect the flavor much.

In addition to mint, fennel provides an extra sweet kick if you're so inclined. 

I've been making this juice so often, I've just decided to keep bundles of my herbs in the kitchen. Those folks at the Food Network are on to something.

I find that for best results in consistency, alternating blending and adding ingredients allows for a stress-free juicing experience.

Looking for more than a beverage? 
Add protein-packed spinach to make it a meal!

Now for the dilemma: do you sip to to savor the fruity, minty flavors or just gulp down the whole thing and succumb to the instant hydration?