Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NYC - The Night Life


This past weekend was my New York trip. The city of my dreams (that I had never visited) was everything I was expecting, but 10 times better. Just reiterating that I'm a city girl at heart and always will be.

Side note: I in no way, shape or form want to EVER drive in New York City. Jen was kind enough to take over that leg of the trip and I'm forever grateful. I almost had a heart attack. And I like to think I can handle crazy city driving, but that??? No thanks. I'll have have to fetch my limo next time around :)

After 12 hours in the car (5 of which in hilly HILLY Pennsylvania), then waiting at the toll for an hour and a half (BRUTAL!), merging 8 lanes into 2 to enter the Lincoln Tunnel, and driving painfully slow for what seemed like an eternity, we finally entered Manhattan. The horns honking, people and lights were overwhelming. The Garmin finally updated and we were able to find the street to approach Laura and Jason's apartment in just the knick of time!

Anywho, onto the fun stuff. We didn't waste any time getting all of our things unpacked in the apartment and quickly freshening up before meeting an old gymnast friend across the street at Lincoln Center Plaza. We visited 6 places, consumed many beverages and many snacks along the way.

Highlights of the night: Not having to pay cover (not once! it pays to be a lady), a rooftop bar not far from Times Square, Times Square at night in itself was unbelievable, catching up with old friends, waffles at 3am, the subway (not nearly as scary as people make it out to be) and a new favorite cocktail that mixes soda water, vodka and apple juice.


Stay tuned for more on NYC next week. Next up, the touristing :)

Song of the night!

{it's incredibly sad how excited I got seeing this Gossip Girl landmark}

{right before the storm hit... but never fear, I had a blazer}

{dinner at Bare Burger}

{gymnasts do what gymnasts do... just leaving here}

{this saved me! thank you Galaxy Diner}

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