Sunday, June 29, 2014

Instagram Life – June 2014

June went by so fast! I feel like I was JUST in New York for Memorial Day weekend, and here we are almost celebrating the 4th of July! Between traveling, downtown festivals, and family vacations, the summer is going by way too fast! It’s time to slow down…

My month of July is fairly open. Besides a wedding this weekend there isn’t much set in stone, which is fine with me!  I’m sure it will fill up soon enough, but I’d like to think there is some time that will be dedicated to landscaping. This past winter was brutal on some bushes in front and back of our house. I’m ready for a fresh start with nice bushes, maybe some flowers. Not too much to ask right?!

Here’s what my June looked like in Instagram land:

-         The amount of steps taken in one day in NYC
-          Company picnic day – double decker cookies all around
-          Friday nights in Eastown, starting here.
-          Exploring the downtown market one lazy Sunday
-          Minus the Bear was incredible!
-          TBT to my Bridal Shower last year… it’s crazy how BUSY last year was compared to now, yet I still feel busy…
-          South Haven lounging is one of my summer favs
-          Sunset

-          Tegan and Sara!

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