Monday, June 16, 2014

City Love – Festival of the Arts Weekend

{this was a very "Michigan" weekend}

Last week, when I should have been on bed rest, Max and I hit the town every day! I had a lot I wanted to do, including finally check out a new brewery in Eastown, roam around the Festival of the Arts downtown, and browse a monthly Vintage Market on Sunday. We did all of the above! It was a jammed packed weekend, but, like I said last week, I needed another city fix. Exploring Eastown on Friday and venturing downtown on Saturday and Sunday hit the spot! I really do love Grand Rapids. 

{you can order from the hot dog place next door}

{fish tacos all day}

{Beer festival down the street from the art fest}


{spicy thai, brut rose and beer}

{groupon :)}

{always take advantage of writing on chalk boards in bars}

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