Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wife of 4 Years, Baby!

I'm a happy, secure, loved & lucky wife. 

These are my 4 truths when it comes to my husband. Four emotions that have become constants for me in the 7 years we've been together.

We risked a lot to be together, and I truly believe that we work every day to honor how grateful we are that we're living the normal, simple life we always said we wanted. I still find myself in awe of the journey we've taken to get here, from 2007 to now.  I'm not dreaming!
He's really my husband! I'm so lucky.

I find him as weird as I find him normal. I find him as funny as I find him boring. He is as much like me as he is different.

I find him irresistibly good looking.

He is smart beyond reach, yet can remain as earthbound and adaptable as necessary in any setting.  He takes care of me.  He is patient with me. He gets me and somehow--inexplicably--I figured him out...but if it weren't for his declaration of love to me, we wouldn't be where we are today.  Thanks, babe.

Today I woke up next to the love of my life as he wished me a happy 4th wedding anniversary (he also threw Jackson on me to wake me of the many ways he shows love).

Add to the list that our wedding took place on a beautiful day in downtown Chicago! Does it get any better? It was such a fun day. The most relaxing wedding day we could have imagined.

He is truly an equal partner in life. Cheers to my husband!

{Night before wedding...getting excited}

{This was actually a big moment for us}

{Happy hot mess}

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  1. Happy Anniversary Sis! May the next 40 be just as fantastic :)