Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday Five!

{sneak peek! new bedroom coming to you May 2014}

I think all the commotion at work is forcing me to be at the very top of my game, which is leaking additional productivity into my after work life (it’s a nice little domino effect). Which means even more organization took place this week. It feels SO good! I feel like an organizing high is right up there with a running high!

This weekend I’m finally getting my mane fixed! My highlights are so grown out my hair is starting to look ombre, but not in the glamorous way. No fun son! Getting that taken care of! I am still up in the air on if I’m go to stay somewhat light or just go for the gold and get all over lowlights? Who knows? It will probably be a game time decision.

Friday Forte:

{my first ever "twofer" yoga night!}

{“oh… you need my help cutting two different suppliers formulation of candy”? OK!}

{selfies made easy with this guy!}

{Winchester dates & blue skies (even if only temporary)}

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Circuit Training – Shaun T Inspired CORE

How’s everyone doing on their monthly challenge? I know I’m at a standstill… boooooo. I blame the weather. I always blame the weather…

Anywho, on to the next Circuit Training! Let’s focus on our core. Not abs… CORE. Mr. Sean T of Insanity likes to remind me on a weekly basis that core workouts are so much more than just abs. Good for you Sean T, you actually made me light headed, but that’s why we love you J

Here’s a Sean T inspired circuit! Do each move for a minute. When you get to the BURNOUT round, do each move for 20 seconds as fast as you can! And once you've finished, regained feeling in body, and mustered up the energy to peel yourself off the floor, go make yourself a little snack. You've earned it!

See the details here.

1. Hammer Kick
2. Hip Hop Squat
3. Cross Over
4. The pyramid
5. Kick and Lunge Combo
6. Hip Up V-Hold
7. Burpee Push Up Jack
8. Alternating Speed Knee
9. Walking Ski Abs
10. Burnout Round! Do all moves again for 20 seconds each. As fast as you can!

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Monday, February 24, 2014


{it wouldn't be flea market Saturday without a mimosa or two to get inspired!}

{fueling up for the Cardio is always a must as well}

This past weekend I went flea market shopping at a favorite downtown spot. Even though it is mostly junk piled high in warehouses, I love the creative thinking sorting through old junk inspires. We were even able to go up to the top floor of a warehouse, conveyer elevator and all, to sift through chairs that had been “orphaned”. It was a crazy fun time, and would have been even more so if it wasn’t ridiculously cold up there, with no heat and not in the sunshine. Woof. But hey, it was fun nonetheless and is even more rewarding now knowing that I can go up there anytime I want. 

Hope you’re not getting sick of these type of posts because every single time thrifting is a new adventure, and will share when I feel it’s worthwhile!

Next on the list is World Mission Thrift. A friend of mine told me about this place and it sounds really intriguing. I hope to check this spot out soon, and who knows, it might become a new favorite J

{o0o0o0o lala}

{i can't IMAGINE having to take a conveyor elevator everyday... it really felt like the big city!} 

{checkers/chess board table with built in wine rack... total SCORE}

{2 down, one to go... I'm gonna try and go super contemporary with the middle chair...}

{we rounded out the night at Billy's!}

{where Max and I ran the pool table....}

{...and enjoyed some live music....}

{...followed promptly with some Yesterdog!}

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Friday Five!

{nerd glasses! I actually feel smarter in them…}

This week can only be described as one big ball of emotions… all over the board…but overall ending on a good note. I’ve got Spring fever people…. I can’t wait until 40 + degree weather and sunshine sticks around for more than a few hours at a time.

Tomorrow I look forward to a girl’s day out complete with brunch & flea market shopping (never gets old). Saturday evening Max are heading over to Billy’s for some live musica. I’m loving these footloose and fancy free weekends!

Friday Forte:

{baubles really do make a plain outfit seem special}
Monelli’s happy hour J}
{Lost… my new Netflix obsession}

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Beat

Sometimes, you just need that beat.

This beat may be techno, electronica, rap, trance, you name it. Some, or all, of these genres are hated by some, but for me, for some reason, they are my go to genres this time of year. Maybe it reminds me of snowboarding? Maybe it’s because the cold and dreary months drain a person (see Polar Vortex I and II). When this happens, a person just needs to find their “pump-up-inspiration” somewhere (seeing as how there is minimal sunshine to fall back on). Who knows… who cares. I am willing to do anything to get out of this stupid winter funk! Although, this weeks brief stint in the low 40s is helping to lift my spirits. Even if it is only temporary, it reminds me that Spring is just around the corner.

So... here ya go! These songs are currently pumping me up! 

Kick off to Carnival Season!

Mardi Gras is still 12 days and 3 hours away, but we are officially in the midst of carnival season.

Walking through stores, you'd think it was Christmas all over again...except in New Orleans, Christmas doesn't seem to hold a candle to the importance of this locally cherished holiday.

Last weekend we were only steps away from the Krewe du Vieux parade, which rolls through the Marigny and Bywater (our new neighborhood!).



What?! You don't regularly stock king cake flavored cheap vodka? 

...and tacky cups to house your too-sweet drinks in?

Risers EVERYWHERE downtown.

If they're going to block the sidewalks, at least they're kind enough to make the fences pretty...check out the purple, green, and yellow pattern that will now line the streets for 3 weeks.

We never get to watch parades from anything this fancy. We usually just walk up and down the streets, pushing our way to the front when we can. This is pretty much V.I.P.

Krewe du Vieux

 Unlike the grand, beautiful floats that roll during the bigger Mardi Gras parades, this one is a bit on the obscene side. What you see rolling past our friends' balcony there is a giant BOOB.

With one parade under our belts already, it's time to stock up on plastic cups, purple and green clothes, and a tolerance for excess food and alcohol.

Let the parties begin!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day Weekend

As opposed to bearing the crowds on Friday night we decided to maintain our Friday night happy hour at our #1 table and go to dinner on Saturday night instead. The dinner was well worth the wait! We went to Firerock Grill and got the Valentines Day special. It was delish! All courses were documented with the exception of dessert because of my inability to even wait on second to eat it (red velvet cheesecake mMmMmMm).

We ended the evening with a night-capper at one of our favorite places, which just happened to be having their Jimmy Buffet themed night. Oops. I forgot that little detail before arriving and not able to find parking or a table. We made the most of it nonetheless. 

Sunday we relaxed around the house. It was a great weekend full of **hearts**.

{yum-o smoothie to kick off the day!}


{a little girls dream}

{the evening's menu}



{hey good lookin'}

{i love him}