Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rhythm’s of the Night!

On our second to last night of our trip, we went on a sunset cruise to an island for a show and a candlelit dinner…. The evening is called “Rhythm’s of theNight”. This was suggested by EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON we came in contact with that found out we were honeymooners.

The evening began with an hour long boat ride, complete with drinks, appetizers and entertainment until we arrived on the Island of Caletas. Once off the boat, we were directed through a beautiful path of candles, tiki torches and drummers welcoming us to this BEAUTIFUL Island and leading us to the stage for the show. The show was unbelievable, very Mayan, very cultural, very intriguing. There was everything from headdresses, to rhythmic gymnasts, to fire dancers.

After the show, we were led to our area for dinner, which we were served and only surrounded by candles. Honestly, that island was huge! So many candles and hilly pathways. It was incredible in its structure and romantic in it’s ambiance. Once we were done eating, we strolled around the island for a while, laid in hammocks by the ocean for a while and talked with stars overhead, with the faint sound of waves crashing and drumming.  After we got back on the boat that was going to take us back to the resort we saw strobe lights off in the distance on the island and learned that it was a WEDDING! Soooo I think we found the location of our 10 year vow renewal! 

{this shot is super blurry and doesn't even do the island justice}

{Max getting chased by a man in a head dress}

{our dinner was lit by three candles and three candles only}


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