Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day Weekend

As opposed to bearing the crowds on Friday night we decided to maintain our Friday night happy hour at our #1 table and go to dinner on Saturday night instead. The dinner was well worth the wait! We went to Firerock Grill and got the Valentines Day special. It was delish! All courses were documented with the exception of dessert because of my inability to even wait on second to eat it (red velvet cheesecake mMmMmMm).

We ended the evening with a night-capper at one of our favorite places, which just happened to be having their Jimmy Buffet themed night. Oops. I forgot that little detail before arriving and not able to find parking or a table. We made the most of it nonetheless. 

Sunday we relaxed around the house. It was a great weekend full of **hearts**.

{yum-o smoothie to kick off the day!}


{a little girls dream}

{the evening's menu}



{hey good lookin'}

{i love him}

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