Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Five!

{surprise early V-day gift from, yes, the BEST husband in the world!}

This week we organized! I got the urge a few days ago and just decided to go to town! No room, crawlspace, closet or cupboard went untouched. Even filed our taxes and organized all of our “adult” files. It felt awesome!

VALENTINES DAY is upon us. I hate to say it, but I am that girl that looks forward to this ridiculously mushy holiday. I always did. Even when I was without my special someone I still loved it. I love the general happiness that floats in the air, I love the candy, I love the silly/childish cards that I still get from some people, I love it all. There is the added bonus of this being our first V-day as a Mr & Mrs. Romance, champagne, and delicious cuisine are all on the agenda for (tomorrow) evening. My bad, I neglected to make a reservation, therefore we are having our lovely meal on Saturday (not at 10pm), which I actually prefer this scenario. Now we get to continue our Friday tradition of happy hour drinks followed by white Russians at home and T.V., and maybe a friendly game or two of pool will be had in the Billiard room (now that a flat screen is successfully mounted).

Friday Forte: 

{Thursday wine night with Meghan… it’s been too long!}

{kitchen chair inspiration}

{pretty & fluffy-on-the-feet area rug for the office/my room}

{kind of a lame picture I know, but this is probably my favorite winter outfit ever! warm pink skirt, pattered tights, leopard scarf... I think I need this to take my own selfies!}

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