Monday, February 24, 2014


{it wouldn't be flea market Saturday without a mimosa or two to get inspired!}

{fueling up for the Cardio is always a must as well}

This past weekend I went flea market shopping at a favorite downtown spot. Even though it is mostly junk piled high in warehouses, I love the creative thinking sorting through old junk inspires. We were even able to go up to the top floor of a warehouse, conveyer elevator and all, to sift through chairs that had been “orphaned”. It was a crazy fun time, and would have been even more so if it wasn’t ridiculously cold up there, with no heat and not in the sunshine. Woof. But hey, it was fun nonetheless and is even more rewarding now knowing that I can go up there anytime I want. 

Hope you’re not getting sick of these type of posts because every single time thrifting is a new adventure, and will share when I feel it’s worthwhile!

Next on the list is World Mission Thrift. A friend of mine told me about this place and it sounds really intriguing. I hope to check this spot out soon, and who knows, it might become a new favorite J

{o0o0o0o lala}

{i can't IMAGINE having to take a conveyor elevator everyday... it really felt like the big city!} 

{checkers/chess board table with built in wine rack... total SCORE}

{2 down, one to go... I'm gonna try and go super contemporary with the middle chair...}

{we rounded out the night at Billy's!}

{where Max and I ran the pool table....}

{...and enjoyed some live music....}

{...followed promptly with some Yesterdog!}

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