Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five!

{starting to carefully consider clothes for the long trek overseas}

Due to a little too much Saturday-Funday, Monday (yes... two day recovery is the new norm once you approach 30!) got off to a rocky start. I left my badge at home, requiring me to run all the way around the building (it’s quite a large building) to be let in, once settled with my coffee I came to realize that my computer crashed and required the help of IT. Then I broke a mirror. I mean who ACTUALLY breaks a mirror when they are already having a not-so-fabulous morning… to be honest, I laughed at that. But then I stopped cause I am kinda superstition… anyway back to the point. The week started off rocky. But then I prevailed! Aside from a few minor anxiety attacks here and there, this week was great. 

And then I watched this and it got even greater!

Long story short, I have a BILLION and a half things to do before I leave in a week and a half… 11 DAYS! But hey, that's always the case, amiright?! Everyone is busy busy busy blah blah blah. There are always reasons why “now it is not the right time”, but it’s like enough! I’m ready to start doing.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend and checking things off the to-do list!

Friday Forte: 
Nutshell – City and Colour
(OMG if I could download this song anywhere I would… I listened to Dallas Green's remake of the Alice In Chains song on repeat this past weekend probably 100 times. Absolutely incredible!)

{a new hidden taco shack just South of downtown}

{homeade salsa & grilled shrimp under the string lights and into the late night! perfect date night}

{new favorite shirt that absolutely rang true a couple of times this week}

{obsessed with this mint waffle robe… matches the shower curtain J}

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Boating in the City – My ABSOLUTE Happy Place

It’s official. If I had my way of choosing anything I wanted to do (within reason) on any given day I would go boating on the Chicago River. It was absolutely breathtaking. We all know Meg loves big buildings, but this took it to another level. I was mentally calculating how many years it would take for me to save the money for a down payment on one of the condos. The answer is “more years than I’ll be on this Earth”, but still a girl can dream!

The thing is, I don’t remember a lot of the history that I was discussed on the tour…. Sad I know. I promise I was listening, but I was also staring. Could. Not. Stop. Staring. I was stunned at the immensity of this city. I’ve visited so many times, but never have I had a greater appreciation of Chicago than I did in those 90 minutes.

One cool thing I did learn from Chicago’s First Lady is roughly what decade different structures were build based on their make-up. I mean, I knew this had to be the case, and it all makes sense when it’s laid out in front of you. The Tribune for example, with its beautiful gothic features, is from the 20’s, the era of the “Historic Revival”, while the Willis Tower is referred to as “Midcentury Modern”, built in the 70’s.

I was also ecstatic to learn that Lake Point Tower, the beautiful building right between Lake Shore Drive and Navy Pier, the place that holds some of my most amazing childhood memories, was not technically supposed to be built in the location that it stands. Buildings that close to the lakefront were prohibited, but somehow the project managers were able to come up with a loop hole to continue the project when it was being built in the 60’s. The city has since made this ordinance rock solid and no other buildings of that stature are to be that close to the lakefront… or really on the lakefront at all for that matter.

I can not wait to go on another one of these tours! There is never enough time to learn as much as there is to learn about Chicago!

{300 S. Wacker.... with a map of the Chicago River painted on the outside....}

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beauty Buy Obsessions – Summer 2015

Laura Mercier Primer – I’ve never used primer. Ever. Then I found out, hey maybe that’s why my makeup always seems to wear off by the end of day! I now believe this to be the case because after I started using this primer, I’ve noticed an improvement in how my face looks when I get home from work. Love it!

Marcelle Hypo Allergenic Water Proof Eyeliner in ElectricBlue – this was a super fun change that I wore on the 4th of July and love how it made my eyes pop. I’m definitely keeping this around for special occasions.

Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara – I have been a dedicated user of the Cover Girl Lash Blast brand since college. We’re talking a decade people! But, I’ve been watching some fashion vloggers as of late (she’s my GIRL!) and I’ve seen the Tarte mascara advertised like no one’s business! I thought I would give it a whirl... I’m SO glad I did! This stuff makes my (real) lashes look longer than I ever thought possible! I LOVE IT and the adorbs container is just icing on the cake J

Nars Radiant Creamer Concealer in Honey – Hands down best under eye concealer ever! It’s great for spotty blemishes as well. That’s all. Just love it.

Bio Oil – I was having a crazy allergic reaction to a couple different makeup things I tried in late Spring and this was the only thing that actually made my eyes feel better. It moisturized constantly and BONUS, it helps reduce the appearance of scars.

Simple Miccelar Water – this stuff is a GOD SEND! I saw an INSTANT change in my skin after starting to use this twice a day. This all natural miracle worker also removes makeup better than anything else I’ve tried. Just try it! You won't be sorry. 

After-Glow Detoxifying Super Mask and Scrub – So... this is charcoal. I know I know, it’s weird , but I’ve been using this face scrub every other day in place of my regular skin routine and it feels OH SO AMAZING. My skin is left tingly and my face is left feeling refreshed and raw. But in a good way… check out more benefits of charcoal in beauty here.

Rosebud Salve Lip Gloss – this is just a fun new gloss I found. I’ve always been a fan of Vaseline or bag balm on my lips, especially when I have to overload on allergy medicine and everything in my body is dried out. This lip gloss/chapstick/salve, whatever you want to call it leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated all day. Plus,the scent reminds me of both my grandmothers!

Tresemme Perfectly undone Wave Creation Sea Foam – I’ve saved the best for last! This is the first scrunching product I have found that does not make my hair feel “crunchy”. The sea foam is light enough that I barely feel like it’s in my hair! Once all is said and done and it air dries, my favorite waves are what’s left behind. I’ve even heard you can scrunch it into dried hair to get a slight wavy effect (I have yet to test this theory). This product is going to be a staple in my bathroom for a long time to come.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five!

{relaxing patio evening}

Honest time. Sometimes I think I’m slightly bi-polar. Ok, I don’t truly believe that… but for real, everyone (especially women) feels this way sometimes. They have to! Sometimes, you just have an off week, and you don’t know why. You’re sad, and you don’t know why. There is no reason for it, it’s just how you feel. Well, this week is the opposite! I’m on cloud 9! I’m still on a high from my big city fix last weekend, work is going great, it’s summer, I’m in the process of booking a trip to New York, Europe is right around the corner, Max is good, my family is good, LIFE IS GOOD.

Maybe this is the caffeine high talking, but life is great. This weekend I’ll enjoy taking advantage of the high!   

Friday Forte:
(a new album announcement! This song is a sneak peek but the album will be officially released on October 9th… currently trying to find someone to go to the concert with me in Chicago in November!)

{sweet welcome home message from Max}

{delicious macaron’s from Bale}

{Donkey date celebrating National Margarita Day! (a day early…)}

{spray paint happy with more accessories... what shall I do next?}

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chicago – Summertime Edition

You guys. YOU. GUYS!!! Chicago was incredible! I haven’t visited in the summertime (other than work) for years and I forgot how magical it can be! Besides the fact that, apparently, the entire Midwest is under construction (the back-ups and delays were UNBELIEVABLE!) , I had the time of my life from the second I arrived until it was time to hit the road back home.

Friday night I wanted tacos. I’m not normal. I don’t crave burgers or pizza. Like... ever... I ALWAYS crave tacos. It’s my thing. My hosts immediately knew where they wanted to take me! After a couple I-need-to-calm-myself-down-after-lakeshore-traffic cocktails, we were off to Flaco’s Tacos downtown! Authentic and delicious!

Saturday we woke up with a mission: Check as many things off our Wunderlist as we could! The day began with Brunch (and mimosas) at Tweet, followed by a visit to the new Maggie Daley Park, donuts at Stan’s and a quick cocktail at Dylan’s Candy Bar before our boat tour (boat tour to come next week)!! The rest of the day was spend gloriously dodging the rain, wandering down Michigan Avenue, stalking bride’s and indulging in local spirits and cuisine.

Sunday morning was spent sipping coffee and reminiscing. A quick stop for macaron’s then I ripped the band-aid off and headed home. 

Every time I leave Chicago a little bit more of my heart is left there. I wonder if that will ever change…